【Sustainable Chic in Action】 Unveiling Hong Kong as the International Hub of Sustainable Fashion: Spectacular Two-Day Event Showcases Unmatched Lineup

October 30, 2023 - 06:19
【Sustainable Chic in Action】 Unveiling Hong Kong as the International Hub of Sustainable Fashion: Spectacular Two-Day Event Showcases Unmatched Lineup

Four Incredible Highlights at Fashion Summit (Hong Kong) 2023!

HONG KONG SAR - Media OutReach - 30 October 2023 - "Fashion Summit (HK) 2023" which is organized by the Clothing Industry Training Authority (CITA) with Create Hong Kong of the HKSAR Government as the lead sponsor, demonstrates the determination of Hong Kong to develop sustainable fashion. From 11th to 12th October at Xiqu Centre in the West Kowloon Cultural District, brings a stunning display of sustainable fashion through International Conference, Sustainable Fashion Showcase, and International Fashion Show. The opening guests on 11th October and 12th October include Hon. Andrew LEUNG Kwan-yuen, GBM, GBS, JP, President of the HKSAR Legislative Council; Mr. Victor Tsang, Head of Create Hong Kong, HKSAR Government; Mr Richard Cheng, Chairman of Fashion Summit (HK) 2023; The Hon. Sunny Tan, Member of the Legislative Council (Textiles and Garment); Dr. Henry Tan, BBS, JP, LHD, Chairman of Textile Council of Hong Kong; CEO of Luen Thai Group Ltd. and Mr Dan Bradshaw, Chairman of WWF-Hong Kong.

Fashion Summit (HK) 2023, themed
Fashion Summit (HK) 2023, themed "Actions to the Sustainability Journey,"unleash the power of sustainable fashion. This two-day event, held at the iconic Xiqu Centre in the West Kowloon Cultural District, brings together industry leaders, visionary designers, and creative minds from diverse sectors

Hon. Andrew LEUNG Kwan-yuen, GBM, GBS, JP, President of the HKSAR Legislative Council stated during his welcome remarks, "As a major sustainable fashion event in Asia, Fashion Summit (HK) 2023 encourages designers to integrate their designs with the concept of sustainable fashion under the theme 'Actions to the Sustainability Journey.' It also aims to educate consumers on practicing sustainable fashion. The event plays a crucial role in promoting sustainable fashion by bringing industry leaders, fashion practitioners, and decision-makers together for in-depth discussions on the subject." Fashion Summit (HK) 2023 is privileged to invite designers from around the world to share their insights on sustainable fashion, including designers who have implemented innovative technologies in their fashion designs. Mr. Leung believes that collaboration between various sectors and the government is essential in nurturing talent, encouraging cross-sector and cross-category innovative collaborations in the fashion industry.
The Hon. Sunny Tan, Member of the Legislative Council (Textiles and Garment) mentioned in the opening speech on the first day, "The Hong Kong textile and garment industry has made significant contributions to the Hong Kong economy, with Hong Kong companies holding a leading position in the international market and serving as a crucial hub in the global supply chain. The National 14th Five-Year Plan also aims to develop Hong Kong as a center for cultural and artistic exchanges between China and the rest of the world, as well as an international innovation and technology center. It is important for the industry to integrate government resources and leverage innovative technologies to meet the challenges of sustainable fashion."
Dr. Henry Tan, BBS, JP, LHD, Chairman of Textile Council of Hong Kong also highlighted Hong Kong's significant and influential position in the global textile and garment industry during his opening speech on the second day. He emphasized that Hong Kong possesses unique advantages and urged all sectors to integrate existing resources and leverage innovative technologies to propel the industry to new heights.
Mr Richard Cheng, Chairman of Fashion Summit (HK) expressed in his welcome speech, "This year's Fashion Summit (HK) 2023 is able to invite designers, industry representatives, and scholars from around the world to Hong Kong, showcasing Hong Kong's advantages on the global stage and reaffirming our position as a global fashion center." While Mr. Victor Tsang, Head of Create Hong Kong, HKSAR Government also emphasized during the opening ceremony on the second day, "Fashion Summit (HK) 2023 has attracted experts and scholars from various sectors, bringing innovative technologies and ideas to the Hong Kong fashion industry, in line with the government's efforts to accelerate the development of the cultural and creative industries." The diverse activities of Fashion Summit (HK) 2023, including the international fashion show, sustainable fashion design gallery, and international summit, symbolize Hong Kong's recovery and vitality after the pandemic, providing a platform for industry leaders, tourists, and the public to actively promote the development of sustainable fashion and establish Hong Kong as a global fashion center.
【1】The Runway to Sustainability blended with Culture: First- and- ever International Fashion Show
Fashion Summit (HK)'s most exciting event of the year - the first-ever International Fashion Show, themed 'Sustainability · Heritage · Culture' took place at the Grand Theatre of Xiqu Centre.
Cutting-edge designs from six vibrant regions (in order of appearance: Mr. Dorian Ho from Hong Kong SAR, Mr. LEE Khoon Hooi from Malaysia, Mr. Dennis Lustico from Philippines, Mr. Nagara Sambandaraksa from Thailand, Mr. Roei Derhi from Sweden, Ms. ZHANG Yichao from Mainland China) showcasing a mélange of groundbreaking designs integrated the cultures of their respective regions with sustainable fashion. They challenge traditional fashion norms, weaving cultural elements with sustainable practices into a tapestry of change. The one-of-a-kind fashion extravaganza attracted over a thousand attendees and received support from numerous celebrities.
【2】 When Fashion Meets Sustainability
Fashion Summit (HK) Sustainable Fashion Showcase 2023
In addition to the meticulously crafted international fashion showcase, Fashion Summit (Hong Kong) 2023 also featured a grand designer fashion exhibition held for two consecutive days at the atrium of Xiqu Centre in West Kowloon Cultural District. This magnificent exhibition served as a dynamic platform for creativity and innovation, showcasing the works of twenty esteemed designers from nine different regions, the exhibition was a testament to the diversity and talent within the industry.
Among the featured designers was Juliana Lam, renowned as the "Glove Queen" for her pioneering use of high-tech sustainable and eco-friendly masks. Karen Chan, a designer known for her fusion of Eastern and Western fashion, brought her unique perspective to the exhibition. The exhibition also included Atthapon Pongsawat and Sayuri Okawa, founders of sustainable fashion brands from Thailand, Arto Wong, a visionary designer pushing the boundaries of knitwear designs, Mountain Yam, a versatile designer with an array of eclectic creations, and Stevie Crowne, a British designer renowned for transforming unsold garments and fabrics into new fashion pieces.
The exhibition not only attracted design school students but also captivated the attention of passersby and tourists with its exquisite decorations. It served as a visual feast, showcasing the artistry and craftsmanship of these exceptional designers.
【3】The industry's top-tier international conference brought together elites from various fields
To uphold this year's theme of "Actions to the Sustainability Journey" and establish Hong Kong as a sustainable fashion hub, Fashion Summit (Hong Kong) 2023 organized an international conference including 4 keynote presentations, global talks and a total of eight thematic discussions, bringing together over 40 prominent figures from the fashion industry, government, business, and education sectors. These discussions delved into topics such as innovative technological advancements, the digital transformation of fashion design, and sustainable investments, exploring the development and opportunities in sustainable fashion. Esteemed experts shared their profound insights on the international fashion design industry. The international conference also attracted numerous investors, small and medium-sized enterprises, and representatives from the fashion industry, fostering deeper exchanges within the field and further advancing the cause of sustainable fashion.
【4】Embrace Sustainable Living with WWF Hong Kong
In collaboration with WWF Hong Kong, Fashion Summit (Hong Kong) 2023 took practical actions to promote sustainable living. They organized the "Sustainable Living" Carnival at the Xiqu Centre, aiming to educate individuals on sustainable choices in fashion, food, housing, and transportation, inspiring a sustainable fashion lifestyle. Attendees enjoyed engaging activities like the "Swap and Match" booth and the enlightening "Rolling Hunting Community Exploration," empowering them to incorporate everyday sustainability practices. To further emphasize the significance of businesses in shaping a sustainable future amid climate and environmental challenges, WWF presented a captivating screening of "Hong Kong Nature Stories."
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About Fashion Summit (HK) 2023

Fashion Summit (Hong Kong) is organised by Clothing Industry Training Authority (CITA) , with Create Hong Kong of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region as the lead sponsor. Fashion Summit (HK) is a result of continuous learning and discovering process, bringing together leading academics, key players from the fashion industry, NGOs, media, decision makers and leaders to achieve sustainable fashion in Asia. Since 2017, Fashion Summit (HK) annually organised a 2-Day International Conference. It plays a vital role to provide a sharing platform for participants from around the world to exchange insights on the latest sustainable fashion trends, technology, best practice, solutions, and opportunities.
Starting from 2022, Fashion Summit (HK) not only focuses on Sustainable Fashion but also on Fashion Designers and Consumers. There will be a series of events, such as 2-Day International Conference , seminars, exhibitions, workshops, guide tours, overseas study mission, etc., for encouraging Fashion Designers to integrate the sustainability concepts into their designs and also to educate Fashion Consumers the sustainable ways for consumption.
The theme of Fashion Summit (HK) 2023 is "Actions to the Sustainability Journey". Sustainability is a progressive journey. It needs actions to change and expedite the pace. What actions have been taken by the fashioners along the journey? Among all those actions, which ones should be reviewed and recognised? It's time for us to discuss the existing and upcoming sustainability solutions, actions and the cosmopolitan outlook for the fashion industry. We welcome you all to join the Fashion Summit (HK) events to discuss the solutions. Together We Take Actions to the Sustainability Journey!
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