Unbox & Discover: Unleashing the Wow Factor with Samsung’s 2023 Lineup

April 06, 2023 - 09:35
Unbox & Discover: Unleashing the Wow Factor with Samsung’s 2023 Lineup

2023 TVs and sound devices showcase the latest innovations in premium audio and visual performances for homes of all sizes

SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - 6 April 2023 - Samsung Electronics unveiled its 2023 lineup of Neo QLED 8K, Samsung OLED, Lifestyle TVs and sound devices at its Unbox & Discover 2023 Singapore launch held at the Digital Light Canvas at Marina Bay Sands. The event will also be opened to the public on 7 and 8 April, where visitors can partake in exciting activities, including docent-led tours and gaming challenges to experience the WOW with the new lineup.
Samsung Unbox & Discover 2023 at Marina Bay Sands, Digital Light Canvas

Under the tagline of "More Wow than Ever", this year's lineup showcases the latest innovations in premium audio and visual performances, gaming experiences, smart connectivity and sustainability initiatives for homes of all sizes. Samsung will also introduce more larger-sized TVs (75-inch and up) this year.
In a recent consumer survey conducted at the Samsung TV Tech Fair[1]:
  • 57% of respondents staying in a HDB flat and 51% staying in a condominium felt that a 75-inch TV was too big for their living rooms.
  • However, following a demonstration of optimal TV viewing distance[2], 84% of respondents living in HDBs and 90% of those living in condominiums are convinced that a 75-inch TV would fit in their living room.
"We understand that technology should empower and enhance people's lives, not complicate them. For homeowners in Singapore, the TV continues to be a staple for entertainment in their living space – be it for streaming or gaming. Our recent study conducted at the Samsung TV Tech Fair showed that respondents clearly underestimated the size of their living rooms. As such, Samsung is introducing a larger size option for our OLED TV line, as well as continuing larger sized screens for our premium Neo QLED and QLED lineup," said Steven Koh, Senior Director, Consumer Electronics Business (TV/AV), Samsung Electronics Singapore.
"Beyond making large screen sizes and premium picture quality more accessible than ever, openness and connectivity are also key for our 2023 range. Consumers can expect a holistic device experience tailored to what they need and want out of their connected home with our SmartThings capabilities," Koh added.
Samsung 2023 TV Line-up: More Screen Choices for All Homes
At Unbox & Discover 2023, Samsung unveiled TV and AV products designed to deliver premium experiences that address different entertainment needs.
Experience more WOW than ever with Samsung's Neo QLED 8K TV lineup, with incredible picture quality with an Infinity design making it virtually bezel and border-free for an edge-to-edge 8K picture. With ground-breaking technologies like Auto HDR Remastering and 8K AI upscaling, the QN900C is impressing industry experts and reviewers alike.
Samsung Neo QLED QN900 Neo QLED 8K TV

The QN900C sits at the top of Samsung's premium Neo QLED 8K lineup, and is a standout model in the premium TV category. Samsung is speaking to its efforts in expanding the 8K ecosystem by working closely with various partners, including the 8K Association, to introduce more ways to enjoy native 8K content. Plus, it offers upgraded sound with Dolby Atmos and Q-Symphony 3.0 to further envelope viewers in every single scene.
Alternatively, consumers can choose to opt for Samsung's Neo QLED 4K lineup, which also offers excellent picture quality, as well as support for 144Hz refresh rate[3] – making it a solid screen choice for users who are seeking an immersive, tabletop screen for fast-action games or content. For consumers who are looking to improve their productivity, the addition of the Samsung SlimFit Cam[4] allows users to easily turn their Neo QLED 4K TVs into a video conferencing facility with Google Meet.
Samsung OLED S95C OLED TV delivers immaculate colour reproduction

For consumers who prefer OLED screens, Samsung's 2023 Samsung OLED lineup brings immaculate picture quality to homes in a sleek design. To provide consumers with even more viewing options, Samsung's 2023 OLED lineup is now available in 55-, 65- and the new 77-inch models.
The 2023 Samsung OLED 4K TV portfolio offers immaculate colour accuracy through Neural Quantum Processor 4K's perceptional colour mapping – making it the "World's First Pantone-Validated HDR OLED[5]". Samsung OLED TV boasts true blacks and stunningly natural pictures with perfect contrast and colour expression. The expanded line-up also supports 144Hz refresh rate, making it a solid screen choice for action-packed content.
Samsung OLED TVs also look good for any contemporary home designs. The flagship S95C OLED TV features a sleek design with Samsung's signature Infinity One design, while the LaserSlim design of the S90C model has a touch of sophisticated metal finish that elevates any home.
Putting Gaming at the Forefront with Unparalleled Gaming Experience
With easier access to screens, more consumers are turning to games to de-stress and relax. According to the recent Samsung Southeast Asia and Oceania (SEAO) Gaming Insight Study, majority of Singaporean gamers (55%) are playing and watching gaming content at least once a week. 1 in 10 are hardcore gamers, who play and watch gaming content multiple times a day.
Amongst gamers in Singapore, the TV continues to be a key device to enhance their gaming experience, with 63% of gamers utilising it for gaming purposes. Samsung's Neo QLED 8K to OLED TVs not only bring video and photo content to life in ultra-high resolution, but also gaming experiences to a next level.
With support of up to 144Hz refresh rate across different screen types and sizes, PC and console gamers will be able to level up the gaming experience in any room at home, giving them boosted performance to never miss a single frame.
In addition to its advanced features for viewing experiences, the 2023 lineup also offers gamer-centric features such as Game Bar, which places gamer controls front and centre and can make all the difference between winning and losing in competitive gameplay.[6] Features such as Mini Map Zoom is a great tool for open world games, while Virtual Aim Point which provides gamers precision for first person shooter games.
Consumers who participate in early order of selected new TV models[7] before 17 April will also have the choice of opting for an Xbox Series S bundle gift to fully enjoy immersive gaming visuals and audio when paired with a Samsung TV.
Complement Screens with Unbeatable Aural Experience
A complete entertainment experience is not only delivered through visuals, but also through audio experiences that bring viewers closer to the action.
Samsung HW-Q990C soundbar will feature Wireless Dolby Atmos Connectivity

For consumers seeking a more complete sound experience, the new flagship Q Series (HW-Q990C) will offer 11.1.4 channels of sound supporting Dolby Atmos. In fact, the soundbar features the world's first built-in wireless Samsung TV-to-soundbar Dolby Atmos connection. This allows both the screen and the soundbar speakers to produce outstanding audio experiences, without distracting cables.
This year, Samsung's flagship TV and soundbar offer Sound Remastering, which utilises AI to remaster each sound object to ensure voices are clear, environmental sounds are totally enveloping and that each component is just the right volume. Plus, the new iteration of Q-Symphony provides an evolved paired sound between the TV and soundbar, by way of the soundbar tapping into the TV's Neural Processing Unit to analyse audio signals and process each sound for more detail.
Putting People and Planet at the Centre of our Innovation
Samsung is also committed to delivering connected tech experiences and eco-conscious practices that make life easier and better for consumers.
To provide increased convenience when setting up their smart homes, Samsung devices are integrated with SmartThings that enables users to easily connect their device in just one step.
In addition, Samsung is putting sustainability first - from product sourcing to production, distribution, use and recycling, utilising various technologies, to create sustainable products that contribute to building a healthier planet for future generations. (Further details on Samsung's connected and sustainability offering available in the appendix.)
Unbox & Discover at Marina Bay Sands
On 7 and 8 April, consumers can visit the Unbox & Discover event held at Marina Bay Sands' Digital Light Canvas (located at B2 of The Shoppes) to experience the new TV and sound devices line-up.
During the two-day roadshow, visitors can learn more about the products and how they are perfect for home entertainment and gaming experiences through docent-led tours (daily at 1pm, 3pm, 5pm and 7pm). Visitors can also win prizes by participating in the 360 Videobooth, or the Xbox Game Challenge: Football Fiesta.
Early Order Promotions
Consumers who participate in the early order for the QN900C, QN90C or S95C from now till 17 April will enjoy the following gifts with purchase, as well as free wall-mounting service[8]:
Gifts with Purchase
For 75" and up
HW-Q990C Soundbar (worth $2,899)
For 55" – 65" models
Choose from
  • Xbox Series S – Gilded Hunter Bundle (worth $469)
  • Ultra Slim Soundbar (worth $1,311)
For 43" – 50" models
SlimFit Camera (worth $200)

For more information about the 2023 TV and sound devices line-up, please visit www.samsung.com/sg.
1 – True, One Samsung Experience
Samsung's 2023 TVs will be equipped with Smart Hub[9] – the centrepiece of the connected home experience that brings together Entertainment, Ambient options, and SmartThings all in one place. Committed to the need to make smart device connectivity easier and more intuitive, users can connect to and control various SmartThings supported devices and appliances from their 2023 Neo QLED TV[10].
With the SmartThings Zigbee & Matter Thread One-Chip Module built directly into the TVs, there is also no need for users to purchase a separate SmartThings dongle. SmartThings seamlessly syncs and offers easier control of compatible Samsung and third-party appliances and IoT devices, enhancing convenience through connectivity.
2 – Eco-conscious practices that make life easier and better for users
Earlier last year, Samsung announced its new environmental strategy, a comprehensive effort to join global efforts to tackle climate change.
Samsung is leading the way with three innovative approaches to sustainability: Turning carbon dioxide (CO2) into recycled materials, using fewer materials, and upcycling products and packaging.
  • Samsung's 2023 TVs, monitors, and remote controls use recycled resin made of at least 50% recycled materials.[11]
  • In addition, Samsung has made significant efforts to ensure it is offering sustainable packaging from the box to the wrappers.
  • Samsung has also developed AI Energy Mode that helps users monitor energy consumption and usage patterns, putting them in control of themselves. AI Energy Mode feature even analyses the content playing on the screen to reduce power consumption without distracting one from the content.
  • Samsung's third generation SolarCell Remote uses fewer materials and is more compact. It is also free of licensing, allowing any manufacturer to join Samsung on the journey in making the world a more eco-conscious place.

[1] Consumer survey conducted in person at the Samsung TV Tech Fair, with 185 respondents from Singapore.
[2] Optimal TV viewing distance demonstration where a 75-inch TV was placed 2.3m away from participants for a viewing experience.
[3] Applicable for 43" and 50" QN90C
[4] Accessory sold separately
[5] Pantone is a global authority in colour, providing a standardised system relied on by over 10 million designers and producers worldwide.
[6] Game Bar supports PC & console gaming only.
[7] Early Promo Offer applicable only for QN900C, QN90C, S95C. Terms and conditions apply.
[8] Whilst stock last, terms and conditions apply
[9] Available for Samsung TV models UHD CU7000 and above.
[10] Available for Samsung TV models Q60C and above.
[11] Resin contains a minimum of 50% recycled content. (Environmental Claim Validation Procedure, UL 2809 5th Edition)

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