Protect yourself in the financial markets: 8 useful tips for choosing a broker

July 21, 2022 - 09:12
Protect yourself in the financial markets: 8 useful tips for choosing a broker

Choosing a reliable broker to invest with isn’t always easy. OctaFX outlines eight tips on how to protect yourself in the markets and find a trusted broker to start your financial journey.

KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA - Media OutReach - 21 July 2022 - Financial market trading is getting bigger every day. With so many brokers offering their services, finding the right one can be difficult. What should you look for in a broker to get the best out of trading in the financial markets and feel safe? There's no one easy answer, but there are many tips that will help you on the way.

Types of brokers
It is important to choose the type of broker you will trade with according to your goals and investment approach.
Cryptocurrency brokers and exchanges are a way to go if you find it easy to navigate highly volatile markets and want to invest in cryptocurrencies. However, bear in mind that the crypto market has experienced devastating crashes leaving many investors with heaps of coins worth nothing. The most recent example is the 2022 crypto crash. Nevertheless, there emerged tens of thousands of crypto millionaires in the last ten years due to the explosive growth of some cryptocurrencies.
Investing with a stock broker usually implies allocating considerable funds and playing long-term. Stock prices often rise or decline simply because of companies' policies, over which investors have no control, making price movements of a given stock largely unpredictable. Still, stock investing could bring about considerable profits, especially after thorough research and analysis.
Forex brokers mostly offer CFD trading on many instruments of different classes, including currencies, commodities, stock indices, and crypto assets. You can base your trading strategies on a variety of timeframes, from extreme short-term (M1, M5) to long-term (D1 and wider).
Let's stop on Forex brokers as the ones offering the most versatile trading experience.
Trading in a global, decentralised market
Foreign exchange trading is happening twenty-four hours a day, five days a week, on various exchanges around the world. Decentralisation is vital for the Forex market due to the globalised world economy's need for fast, easy flow of currencies.
International Forex brokers—as opposed to local ones—operate in a multitude of countries. They are allowed to operate globally through multiple international documents. Not being extensively regulated locally and not having to implement restrictions that often limit trading opportunities for traders, international Forex brokers can therefore offer more favourable conditions to their clients.
Many traders, especially beginners, choose to work with local brokers because of the licences they usually possess issued by local financial authorities. However, taking into account the global nature of the Forex market and heavy restrictions such brokers experience, trading with them may lack in the variety of trading instruments, promotional and bonus programs, and simply be less profitable because of the higher commissions.
Choosing a trusted Forex broker
When it comes to choosing a reliable international Forex broker to invest with, there are several handy tips that will help you.
    1. Check when the broker was established. Any broker with at least ten years of work in the financial markets is worth a try.
    2. Find information about the broker on the internet. Conduct your own research.
    3. Check the reviews (you can find them on
    4. Find out whether the broker has received any industry awards for its services in Asia, and Malaysia in particular.
    5. Check if the broker publishes its own educational content. A reliable broker is always interested in its clients being better prepared for trading in the financial markets.
    6. Find out whether the broker provides multilingual support.
    7. Find information on whether the broker is otherwise present in Malaysia. For instance, OctaFX regularly invests in charitable initiatives across the country to give back to the society it works in and be closer to its clients.
    8. The last—and the most important. Compare trading conditions of the brokers that showed themselves well in all other respects and choose the one with the lowest spreads, no additional commissions, and no swaps.

Using the tips above, you can find a trusted broker that would suit you and help you achieve your financial goals. Besides, you will protect yourself against fraudsters posing as Forex brokers as they will never be able to fake a reputation garnered over many years of work in the financial markets.
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