The Quality Building Award 2022 Announces a New Award Category to Recognize Temporary Buildings or Structures

April 19, 2022 - 08:23
The Quality Building Award 2022 Announces a New Award Category to Recognize Temporary Buildings or Structures

Adapting to transformations and latest trends in the building industry

HONG KONG SAR - Media OutReach - 19 April 2022 - The Quality Building Award (QBA) is a biennial industry award bestowed upon industry players demonstrating excellent teamwork capabilities and maintaining the highest standards of professionalism in the design and construction of quality buildings. In line with QBA's aim to promote the collective commitment by the building industry to maintain the highest standards of competitiveness, the QBA is honoured to announce a new award category under the name of "Temporary Building."
Adapting to Transformations in the Industry
The last couple of years have resulted in unprecedented changes in the way we work, travel, and interact with one another. Now more than ever fluidity is required to adjust to the transformation of the global economy. In particular, architecture and construction are largely impacted by these sorts of changes. Thus, the QBA would like to recognize temporary buildings, which offer the fluidity that allows them to embrace societal changes and adapt to the requirements of our ever-changing world. Furthermore, the Award will highlight the remarkable achievements of industry professionals and organisations who through teamwork, dedication and expertise are setting a benchmark for fellow industry players to learn from.
Buildings Which are Constructed for Short-Term Use
Temporary buildings are made to use for a limited time given their purpose or the land status. They can be constructed using short-lived materials that may also be repurposed after deconstruction, and such temporary buildings can include but are not limited to those made for public entertainment, temporary occupation, or iconic representation during a specific event.
Overcoming Constraints to Set a Benchmark in the Industry
The process of constructing temporary buildings brings its own set of challenges such as having a limited time frame, limited space, material usage to prevent waste produce, and possessing the correct skill and innovative capability during implementation. Thus, a great deal of planning, co-operation, and teamwork is required to overcome these challenges. The QBA aims to establish exemplars of individuals and organisations demonstrating the most effective planning and implementation processes during the construction of these buildings.
Nomination Requirements
Nomination Requirement
Temporary Building
- Nominated building is designed and constructed for temporary purpose and / or constructed of short-lived materials.
- Nominated new building serves one or several functional uses, such as residential, commercial, institutional, and for exhibition & leisure purposes.
*Nominated project teams should submit a photo and video documenting their project, to be remotely assessed by the judging panel.

For more information regarding the application procedures or general information about the Awards, please visit the website at

About Quality Building Award

Since the co-foundation in 2002 by nine Hong Kong's leading professional institutions and organisations, The Quality Building Award (QBA) has been established as a biennial award that recognizes buildings of outstanding quality and those that demonstrate outstanding teamwork.
Organizers of QBA 2022
QBA 2022 is co-organized by nine professional institutions in Hong Kong. They are:

  • The Hong Kong Institute of Construction Managers (QBA 2022 Chairing Organization)
  • The Hong Kong Construction Association
  • The Hong Kong Institute of Architects
  • The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers
  • The Hong Kong Institute of Housing
  • The Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors
  • The Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency
  • The Hong Kong Chapter of International Facility Management Association
  • The Real Estate Developers Association of Hong Kong


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