Tian Yuan Xiang Launches Chicken Essence For Better Sleep

April 19, 2022 - 02:38
Tian Yuan Xiang Launches Chicken Essence For Better Sleep
SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - 19 April 2022 - Tian Yuan Xiang, one of the top drip chicken essence brands in Singapore, is pleased to announce that they have launched a new product to their chicken essence series: Chicken Essence For Sleep And Bone Optimising. As the name suggests, this chicken essence helps with sleep regulation and strengthens bones.
This chicken essence contains a variety of seven, carefully selected herbs that help boost energy levels during the day and promote better, more peaceful sleep at night. One of its key ingredients, Ophiopogonis Radix, can help with fluid secretion to help moisturise dry and heaty bodies.
Moreover, it can calm the consumer's mood and thoughts to reduce distraction and help people who are irritable and stressed to get better sleep. Thanks to proper sleep, this helps energise the person in the morning.
The Rehmanniae Radix helps reduce body temperature and cool down the blood. It also increases body fluid and satisfies the thirst. Commonly used as a tocolytic herb in traditional Chinese medicine, the Rehmanniae Radix can help pregnant women relieve body heat and thirst. It also helps regulate sleep, so that the embryo can develop safely in the mother's belly.
Aside from helping with sleep, this chicken essence also contains herbs that can help boost bone strength. This is because this chicken essence has Fructus Ligustri Lucidi, which can increase bone mineral density for stronger bones. Moreover, this herb also plays a beneficial role in improving bone mechanical properties for better joint movement and protecting our organs.
This particular chicken essence is recommended for all ages regarding daily nutritional maintenance. It's also ideal for working adults who need the proper mental faculties and energy to go about a hectic schedule while also improving the quality of their sleep at night. Pregnant women and the elderly are also suited to supplement their diet with this product.
Tian Yuan Xiang offers a variety of high-quality, double-boiled chicken essence that consists of different herbs catering to various groups of people. One example would be the essence of chicken with cordyceps, which is also beneficial for raising energy levels. For more information on Tian Yuan Xiang's range of products, visit https://www.qchicken.com.sg/ for more information.