Fight Of The Ages (FOTA) - The Future Of NFT MOBA In 2022

April 18, 2022 - 09:15
Fight Of The Ages (FOTA) - The Future Of NFT MOBA In 2022
SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - 18 April 2022 - In the first quarter of 2022, Fight Of The Ages (FOTA) has successfully become the first AAA MOBA game that raised a whopping $5 million in its fundraising. With sensational graphics, gameplay, and a rich-natured storyline; the world of GameFi anticipates FOTA's Beta Test in the upcoming months.

About FOTA - Fight Of The Ages
FOTA is not simply a Triple-A MOBA Gaming Project. In fact, FOTA is the first stepping stone of Meta DJINN PTE. LTD., a company upon integrating Mixed Reality (MR) into the Metaverse. To do so, FOTA incorporates Microsoft Mesh - a Microsoft Corporation platform pioneering in creating the most immersive Metaverse experience.
The World of FOTA is more than a fantasy-themed adventure. Races from various universes battle to become the Emperor of all realms. In FOTA, investors/players own Heroes as Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs). They can interact with the NFTs in the real world and have absolute ownership over their digital assets.
Tremendous Achievements Of FOTA
FOTA has continuously gained trust and support from investors, venture capitals, and traditional gamers from all over the world. In the first two months of 2022, FOTA has raised a total of $5 million in his fundraising. This is solid proof of FOTA as one of the most viral AAA MOBA GameFi in 2022, alongside a tremendous scale of initial investment.
In addition, FOTA welcomes March with a valuable membership into the Blockchain Game Alliance (BGA) - an international organization committed to promoting blockchain within the game industry. By joining BGA, FOTA receives crucial support in creating in-game assets as well as integrating blockchain technology by means of professional standards and practices. This significant milestone alone has already demonstrated the potential and the impact that FOTA can have on the GameFi business.
Realistic and Customer-centric Goals
Despite the initial impression as an NFT project, FOTA focuses all human resources on gaming development. As FOTA's ultimate goal is to become a MOBA universe that keeps players engaging for years, Grey Trinh - CEO of FOTA - tweeted: "GameFi: Game comes firstly, Fi comes after. Remember that!"; he makes sure that players will have the chance to explore, enjoy, and then earn from FOTA.
FOTA looks forward to releasing the Beta Test for its supporters and investors in the first quarter of 2022. Lucky players will have first-hand experience of the FOTA Universe and the rich storyline it offers. Furthermore, FOTA will release exclusive, one-time-only Items with epic and legendary rarities as a tribute to its beloved communities in the upcoming months.
Phenomenal And Innovative Features
FOTA maximizes both Play-4-fun and Play-2-earn features to ensure that players will have the utmost pleasure in Playing and Earning from FOTA:
Unity 3D: The best game engine that offers cross-platform integration (iOS, Android, WebGL, Windows, and macOS), Unity's asset store management, superb visual quality, consistent layout, next-level design, and captivating gameplay.
Microsoft Mesh Mixed Reality (MR): A virtual platform that enables presence and shared experiences from anywhere – on any device – through mixed reality applications. With the advanced technology from Microsoft, FOTA will allow players to interact with their characters in the real world. This aspect of gaming makes the FOTA experience worthwhile considering how it incorporates elements of fantasy and reality.
Rent-2-play: One of the state-of-the-art features of NFT games. To avoid inflation and support new players, FOTA integrates an NFT leasing system where advanced players can utilize their NFTs to make extra income by renting NFTs to entry-level players. This mechanism creates a mutual benefit as it allows beginners to use high-level NFTs in their progression; the renter will also receive handsome rewards once the lease is finished.
Cross-NFT: In FOTA Universe, players with high rankings will have access to a completely different gaming universe with unique experience and gameplay. Therefore, FOTA will launch the Cross-NFT Feature to benefit players. They can freely bring their NFTs to another universe without making multiple purchases.
Chaotic but Realistic, is what FOTA - Fight of the Ages stands for! Join us now!
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