National Academy of Music lecturer to celebrate 20-year career with show

January, 29/2021 - 12:00


Singer Lê Anh Dũng seen at a press conference about his coming show and fourth CD album in Hà Nội on Wednesday.

HÀ NỘI  Winner of Việt Nam’s most prestigious singing contest Sao Mai Điểm Hẹn (Morning Star - Rendezvous) in 2007 Lê Anh Dũng has scheduled a show for March to celebrate his 20-year career.

Entitled Một Tình Yêu (The Only Love), the show is more than a celebration. It is to reconfirm his choice to ‘devote’ his voice to love ballads.

“Although I won the contest’s Chamber Music category and have built up my reputation mostly with this music genre, singing pop ballads, especially love ballads, is always my desire.

“People say that I was quite reckless to organise my show in the current situation when everything has been hit by the coronavirus pandemic. Anyway, like its name, it also proves my love for this kind of music,” the singer, who is a lecturer in the Vocal Department at the Việt Nam National Academy of Music, said at a press conference on Wednesday in Hà Nội about the event.

Siner Dũng said he has built his reputation mostly with chamber music but singing pop ballads, especially love ballads, is always his desire.

Together with the show, Dũng will also has plans to release his fourth album on the same day, March 20. The album, named Chờ Em Trên Lối Xưa (Waiting for You on Our Old Street), features songs by singer-songwriter Đức Huy.

Talking about his decision to perform songs by Đức Huy on this album, Dũng said he shares views on both music and life with the composer.

“With simple and fresh lyrics, songs by Đức Huy always present a positive attitude, bringing hope to listeners. Even in his songs about sadness, there are still sparks of hope. I always appreciate the optimism and never lose hope in everything,” he said.  

Alongside hits by Đức Huy such as Cơn Mưa Phùn (The drizzle), Đường Xa Ướt Mưa (Rainy Long Road), Màu Mắt Nhung (Velvet Eyes), Một Tình Yêu (The Only Love), and Thêm Một Lần Nữa (One More Time), the album also features lesser-known pieces, including Xin Một Ngày Mai Có Nhau (Wishing to Have Each Other Someday), and Tình Yêu Vội Đi (Love Gone Quickly).

Diva Hà Trần duets with Dũng on the songs Nếu Xa Nhau (If We Are Apart) and Mùa Hè Đẹp Nhất (The Most Beautiful Summer).

Singer Dũng (left) together with jazz musician Tuấn Nam, who is Director of his album and show, at a press conference in Hà Nội on Wednesday. Photos courtesy of organiser

Director of the album and show, jazz musician Tuấn Nam, said: “The combination between the jazzy style of diva Hà Trần and the ‘formal’ style of Dũng, who is used to semi-classic and chamber music, has created ‘chemistry’ that will surprise anyone who has listened to Đức Huy’s music before.”  

Diva Hà Trần, who lives in the US, will also be the special guest at Dũng’s show.

“I am so lucky to have the chance to cooperate with Hà Trần when she came back to Việt Nam last month to join the show of her best friend, divo Tùng Dương,” Dũng said.

Alongside the physical version, the album will also be available on digital music platforms iTunes and Spotify.

At the press conference, Dũng revealed plans to release an LP version of the album.

“However, due to tough requirements on quality of the vinyl record, the LP version will be available for fans in October,” he said.

During the show, Dũng will perform a repertoire featuring songs from his newest album alongside favourites by other songwriters.

Nam Jazz Night led by musician Tuấn Nam, who studied at the Malmo Academy of Music for three years, is expected to offer a jazzy addition to Dũng’s performance.   

The show Một Tình Yêu will take place at the Hà Nội Opera House for one night only on March 20. VNS