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VNOB releases video featuring artists’ daily life during social distancing

Update: April, 27/2020 - 08:12


A VNOB ballet dancer practices dancing with a broom while sweeping the yard during social-distancing restrictions. — Screenshot photo

HÀ NỘI  The daily activities of Vietnamese artists from Việt Nam National Opera & Ballet (VNOB) during the social distancing period have been recorded in a video released on the theatre's social media channels.

Entitled VNOB and Friends During Quarantine, the 9-minute video aims to inspire viewers with positivity, passion and connectivity with the community. The idea for the video was initiated by choreographer Trần Ly Ly, director of VNOB.

According to Ly, the pandemic has brought all art programmes to a halt, which consequently led to difficulties for the artists. Their creative energy has been frozen as their profession requires direct interaction with the audience.

However, the social-distancing days have not made Vietnamese artists and those from VNOB pessimistic.

“We’d better accept and adapt to either COVID-19 or whatever comes, with positive thinking and a helpful spirit,” Ly said.

In the video, viewers can see VNOB artists practice while doing their chores to train their skills, waiting for a return to the stage, like singing with a rose while arranging flowers or dancing with a broom while cleaning the floor.

A VNOB opera singer performs with a rose during her stay at home following the social-distancing regulations. — Screenshot photo

Meanwhile, instead of practicing like others, Ly tried something that she had never done before – painting.

“It’s so wonderful that I could do the things that I’m interested in, like painting a tree. I hope that everyone else will have interesting times with their families. It’s also an occasion for us to enjoy the slow pace of life, doing what we like,” she said in the video.

The video can been watched on VNOB Facebook or Youtube Channel.

Instead of practicing like others, choreographer Ly tries something that she is interested in but has never done before – painting. — Screenshot photo

Before, VNOB and Friends During Quarantine, many VNOB artists have actively participated in activities paying tribute to those on the front lines fighting against COVID-19.

Many works have been composed and received positive feedback from the audience, like Ước Nguyện (Wishes) by songwriter Đỗ Phương, deputy director of VNOB; Thế Giới Cùng Chống Đại Dịch Virus Corona (The World Fight Coronavirus Together) and Mẹ Ơi Con Sẽ Về (Mom, I Will Come Back Home) by singer Bùi Trang; Vượt Qua Cái Chết (Overcoming Death) by singer Tố Loan together with many other art programmes. VNS




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