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National museum shows historic moment through online display

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A lacquer painting entitled Mẹ Kháng Chiến (Mother in Wartime) by 92-year old artist Hoàng Trầm — Photo courtesy of the artist


HÀ NỘI The Việt Nam National Fine Arts Museum (VNFAM) has launched an online exhibition of paintings and sculptures, including those by artists who were on the battlefield or witnessed the historic moment of Việt Nam gaining its independence and reunification on April 30, 1975, in HCM City.

The works record vivid images of the national resistance against the US and the lives of people behind the front lines.

A lacquer painting entitled Mẹ Kháng Chiến (Mother in Wartime) by 92-year-old Hoàng Trầm is a highlight of the display.

The painting was made in 1980 featuring a southern mother and her daughter who are caring for an injured soldier.

The painting is not very detailed but the characters are cleverly arranged to fill most of the painting space, creating a cramped and stuffy feeling, showing some of the difficulties of the time.

"This is a familiar image in the American resistance war years when soldiers fought in temporarily occupied zones and needed the protection of the city dwellers," said fine art critic Nguyễn Thị Hải Yến.

"The mother holds her head up and the daughter's hand lightly touches the wound where the soldier's calf was bandaged. Sympathetic eyes meet with encouragement and comfort.

"With a strong and rustic style and simple conception, the painting is moving and reminds viewers about the national resistance."

The painting earned Hoàng Trầm top prize at the National Fine Art Festival in 1980. He received the State Prize in Literature and Arts.

By visiting the museum's website or Facebook, fine art lovers will see the works and feel the atmosphere in Sài Gòn (HCM City) during the historic moment on April 30, 1975. 

A gouache painting entitled Nắng Tháng Năm (Sunlight in May) by artist Quách Phong and oil-on-canvas Nắng Xuân (Spring Sunlight) by late Nguyễn Quang Thọ features the historical moment of Vietnamese army tanks entering Sài Gòn.

Phong, 82 joined the People’s Army of Việt Nam at the end of 1962. He drew the painting on the night of April 30. 

Nắng Tháng Năm depicts soldiers sitting on tank surrounded by a forest of flying flags and female high school students in white áo dài to create a jubilant atmosphere.

Painting Nắng Xuân was made by Thọ (1929-2002) in 1975. He named the painting Spring Sunlight but the painting colour is not warm.

Painting Nắng Xuân was made by artist Nguyễn Quang Thọ (1929-2002) in 1975. — Photo courtesy of the artist

The painting depicts a fleet of tanks of the People's Army of Việt Nam heading towards Sài Gòn with a light blue sky in the painting. The artist used a little bit of yellow as a metaphor for the warm sunshine of spring - the winning season.

Thọ also won the State Prize in Literature and Arts.

The online display by VNFAM aims to celebrate the 45th Liberation and Reunification Day on April 30, said the museum's director Nguyễn Anh Minh.

"This is also an opportunity for today's generation to go back to the old days, recalling a glorious and great victory in history, paying tribute and gratitude to the older generations who sacrificed for national independence, freedom and unity," Minh said.

The display also shows works by other soldier artists such as Lê Quốc Lộc, Lê Thanh Trừ and Huỳnh Văn Gấm. VNS


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