Young dance group launches project promoting healthy activities

April 06, 2020 - 20:37

A dance group, LYRICÍST, and HTV3 DreamsTV have launched a project called “Doing Exercises, Enhancing Physique”, aimed at promoting healthy activities for physical enhancement at home among the community.



A dance by LYRICÍST to promote healthy activities for physical enhancement at home among the community . — VNS Photo

HCM CITY — A dance group, LYRICÍST, and HTV3 DreamsTV have launched a project called “Doing Exercises, Enhancing Physique”, aimed at promoting healthy activities for physical enhancement at home among the community.

Through online video clips, the project shares simple and youthful dance moves with music, helping the community raise their sense of self-protection and enhance physical and mental health in a fun way.

“Doing Execises, Enhancing Physique” has professional dance choreography from Alexander Tu, doctor of Occupational Therapy, and director of Performing Arts at the SOUL Music & Performing Arts Academy (SMPAA), and founder of LYRICÍST.

“We want to spread information highly recommended by the WHO and CDC to remind everyone in a fun way. Our purpose is to create a dance that is not only entertaining, but educational, yet allows people of all ages to dance along to keep their energy high, stay active."

Resistance is a shield that protects your health from external and internal attacks. With good resistance, the body will be less likely to get sick and recover faster. One of the ways to help improve resistance and immune system easily is through exercise.

Through the arts, LYRICÍST and HTV3 DreamsTV remind everyone to apply all precautions to maintain our safety, our children, older adult’s safety and our community’s safety in a simple and fun way: doing exercise. Doing exercise is simple, but brings many positive benefits.

With the bustling music of rhythmic gymnastics, following the guidance from Dr Alexander Tu, the clips are not just simple dance moves, but also emulate activities that raise the sense of self-protection for people for all ages, in a fun way, such as wearing masks, washing hands, and social distancing.

Tu said: “Yes, it’s easy to develop a dance for hand washing as it relates to movements. However, we have developed dances for other WHO/CDC recommendations as well. This includes social distancing, proper use of a mask, importance of maintaining your immune system through nutrition, as well as staying active, such as through dance. Through the project, we hope these messages Doing Exercises, Enhancing Physique can connect with members of our community through all ages. Our youth especially are a very important piece and play an important and vital role in stopping the transmission of this virus! Through this project, when learning is fun, children will remember and apply the recommendations.”

The project includes simple dance moves which are easy to remember and to practise that are also interactive, and connected to keep people’s energy high in a fun way. The familiar playful melody combined with simple yet effective dance moves will keep people moving.

The project launched easy-to-remember dance clips on Friday, March 27 on YouTube channel & fanpage of HTV3 Dreams TV. — VNS