New music videos highlight youth and love

December 26, 2019 - 22:10

Youth and love are the themes for music videos (MV) that have been released this month to welcome New Year.  


Singer Quốc Thiên performs in Người Yêu Dấu Ơi (My Darling), a MV featuring a love theme. (Photo courtesy of producer)

By Thu Anh

HCM CITY Youth and love are the themes for music videos (MV) that have been released this month to welcome New Year.  

The MV, Đây Là mội Bài Hát Vui (It’s a Happy Song), features music and theatre performances from nearly 20 singers, dancers and theatre artists. Famous comic artists Hữu Châu and Xuân Hương are included.

The artists, in traditional Vietnamese áo dài, stage songs, dances and theatrical performances in praise of youth, love and Spring. Messages about traditional family values are also featured.

Singer Jun Phạm sings contemporary folk songs featuring traditional culture and lifestyles, while singers Ngô Kiến Huy, S.T Sơn Thạch and Will perform pop, dance and electronic music.

“I spent hundreds of đồng on production, and I worked with my producer, scriptwriter, fashion stylist and choreographer to combine music with beautiful images,” said singer Jun Phạm, a former member of the well-known boy band 365 of HCM City.  

Young pop idol Chi Pu worked with her producer filming her new MV Shhh! Chỉ Ta Biết Thôi (I Know), which is expected to be released next week. The work’s music combines pop and dance. It includes scenes suitable for 18+ viewers.  

On the MV, Chi Pu and 20 dancers in clothes from talented designers perform Vietnamese dances.     

“The singers and musicians worked hard to have quality music and images for MVs this holiday season. Through their music, best wishes will be delivered to Vietnamese all over the world,” said Nguyễn Thảo Nhi, a resident of Bình Dương Province.

Another album is Người Yêu Dấu Ơi (My Darling!), a production featuring Quốc Thiên, was winner of the Vietnam Idol 2008, a version of the TV show American Idol.

Thiên performs Japanese music with lyrics by the late musician Phạm Duy.

The themed song, Người Yêu Dấu Ơi, is a famous Japanese song named Koibito Yo, released in 1980, by female musician and singer Mayumi Itsuwa who is known as “a legend of contemporary pop of Japan”.   

The song was created to memorise Itsuwa’s close friend who died after a tragic accident. 

Before launching, Thiên spent several months recording and shooting. His MV’s scenes feature life and people in the 1980s. 

The MV has become one of the top hits for Christmas since its release a week ago, with its visuals leaving the strongest impression on fans.

Young singers like Chi Dân, Việt Quang, Văn Mai Hương and Ngọc Ánh have also released new MVs with the theme of the holiday season, attracting millions of fans on online music channels.

New songs, such as Mơ Vế Anh (Dream of You), Sao Chẳng Phải Là Anh (Why Not Me), Cưới Đi, Mình Cưới Đi (Let’s Be Merry), highlight themes about love. VNS