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How I Met Your Mother actress makes directorial debut

Update: December, 13/2019 - 06:02


A scene in the film Chị Chị Em Em (Sister Sister). Photo courtesy of MUSE Company

HÀ NỘI – Chị Chị Em Em (Sister Sister) will hit cinemas nationwide on December 20, marking the first time American-Vietnamese actress Kathy Uyên has worked as a director.

Uyên is well-known for roles in How I Met Your Mother and Finishing the Game: The Search for a New Bruce Lee directed by Justin Lin. In Việt Nam, she’s known as an actress and model. In 2008, she won a Golden Kite award for her role in Chuyện Tình Xa Xứ (Passport to Love) directed by Victor Vũ.

She made her debut as a director with the drama Sister Sister. It’s about a complicated love affair between three main characters. It covers themes of infidelity in marriage and female homosexuality.

Producer Will Vũ said it was hard to convince Thanh Hằng, an A-list model and actress, to participate in the film because of nudity and sex scenes.

“The film contains some sensitive scenes, but we passed the censorship by the Cinema Department,” said Vũ.

“These scenes convey many messages, they have important positions in the film, that’s why they are not cut as those in other films.”

“Hằng is careful in selecting a suitable script, she’s a big star in Vietnamese showbiz. She’s very professional.”

In the film, Hằng plays Thiên Kim, a beautiful and successful woman who seems to have everything – a rich father, good career and loving husband (played by Lãnh Thanh). When she meets Bảo Nhi (Chi Pu), a poor single mother, she feels compassionate and brings Nhi to her home. 

Vũ remarked that Hằng performed well in the film.

Apart from Hằng, the film also stars Lãnh Thanh who recently starred in Goodbye, Mother; and Chi Pu, a young singer and actress. VNS

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