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Songstress worked for 13 years on latest album

Update: January, 31/2018 - 09:00
Singer Mỹ Linh on stage. File Photo
Viet Nam News

Pop singer Mỹ Linh launched her album Chat with Mozart Vol 2 on January 18 with both an LP record and CD version. The album is the result of 13 years of sustained work.

Born in Hà Nội, Mỹ Linh has been one of the most popular singers in Việt Nam. She graduated from the Việt Nam National Academy of Music’s Voice Faculty in 1997. As a first-year student, Linh won Impressive Singer at the National Young Bands Festival in 1993.

Linh’s album Chat with Mozart Vol 1 changed up the music scene by singing Vietnamese lyrics to compositions that combined classical pieces with R & B music. About 20,000 copies were sold in the first launching. It also appeared on itunes in 2007.

Chat with Mozart won the Devotion Music Award by Vietnam News Agency’s Thể Thao & Văn Hóa (Sports and Culture) daily for the Best Album of The Year.

The singer talks about her latest music release.

You took 13 years to make the Vol 2 Chat with Mozart. Could you talk about the differences between the two volumes?

Vol 2 has the same concept with Vol 1, in that I select classical melodies which are orchestrated with blues and jazz styles and set to lyrics. The first difference is that almost all the composers are from the 19th century and the early 20th century, such as Franz Liszt. The music is closer to us and like the jazz style of the decades 1950 to 1970. As a result, the musicians feel freer to play in the album.

Secondly, veteran composer Dương Thụ wrote lyrics for two pieces only and I wrote seven by myself. Thụ is the musician who wrote all lyrics for the Vol 1. This time, he was very busy and he could not help me as much.

I didn’t think that I had enough experience to write the lyrics for the classical pieces. But I could not wait for composer Thụ and I decided to do it myself. When I finished the first song I sent it to the composer to listen to as a trial. I wasn’t sure it could be used. But composer Thụ said to me, "It’s ok, go ahead." Anh Em Band’s members like musicians Huy Tuấn and Anh Quân encouraged me a lot.

Writing for the first and the second musical pieces was really difficult. I had to edit the draft dozens of times. But it was easier later because I made new friends during the time I was brainstorming to write the lyrics. These people made me feel rejuvenated and inspired me to write.

I didn’t have to force the writing, and it felt very natural. I believe that a mature woman will have personal observations on life and small things. But the observations were refined. Lyrics in Vol 2 are more specific and simple than in Vol 1.

However the newest thing is the music. In the Vol 1 I sometimes had to try my best to reach the highest musical notes. But in Vol 2 it was much easier. I almost don’t meet any obstacle when I sing thanks to my full technique.

However, I make 30 per cent of the sound only and the rest comes from musicians Anh Quân and Anh Em Band. Vol 2 is recorded in studio with modern equipments. The studio is big enough for small orchestra.

Besides music, do you have any other story that you want to tell in Vol 2 ?

When I listen to the album again and again I recognise that the album is very feminine. Possibly almost all the lyrics were written by me. The album tells my daily small stories such as love and beliefs. The stories are also my past and my hope.

I think I begin to recall every thing that happened in the past and think about what’s coming. Anyway at my age, I don’t get scared as much as when I was young. When I was younger I was always worried about what would happen in the future. I thought carefully and considered before making a decision.

I have experienced joy and happiness but not illness and disease. I will accept what happens, like I say in a song I wrote in the album. Like the music in this album, I’m now more peaceful in mind and more optimistic in life.

My eldest daughter Anna who graduated from the Berklee College of Music also joins music production as her profession. And my youngest daughter and I are a duo in the album.

Did you always plan to make Vol 2 or was it improvised?

Actually, I and my team want to make an album that includes lullaby songs. At that time, I had just given birth. I discussed with my team to list lullaby music pieces for my child first and other children. We selected the music pieces which are all classical ones. It inspired us to make a classical album to popularise this music genre to people.

I think that an artist needs to have experience in life and energy as well to produce an album. This is the last volume of Chat with Mozart and the last of my music project. My team and I spent all our energy and thousands of hours in the studio and worked hard to produce the album. It took 13 years and I cannot wait.

I want the members of my team to have time for their own projects. — VNS









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