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Ancient scent of Tết

Update: January, 29/2017 - 09:00
The Narcissus is likened to a golden cup and a silver dish as it is yellow inside and paper white outside.
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Enjoying thủy tiên (Narcissus) plants during Tết has been an elegant hobby dating back a long time for Hanoians.

The art of Narcissus bulb carving, or stunning the plant so that it is in full bloom on the first days of the Lunar New Year, requires passion, skill, and a lot of time and creativity.

Though the hobby is not very popular among today’s Hanoians, more and more young people are following the art. — VNS Photos Lê Hương

After being trimmed so that the leaves and flower buds are exposed, the bulb is soaked in water for two days and nights so that all the resin emerges. The bulb is then cleaned with a small hair brush and then put in a bowl of water. Root, leaves and flower buds will grow day by day. After about 20 days, the flowers bloom.
Small or big vases can both be beautiful.
A beautiful Narcissus vase offers people five features: its white pure root, which grows in the water like a waterfall; its green strong leaves; and its simple and elegant flowers; in addition to the well-shaped layout of the vase, and the pure sweet scent of the flowers.
The practice requires real passion, skill, and a lot of time and creativity.
The complete flower vase should look graceful, exquisite, fresh and natural.

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