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Live show celebrates composer’s 50-year career

Update: December, 29/2016 - 09:00
Life of music: Composer Phó Đức Phương will have his biggest live show to celebrate his 50-year career tonight. — Photo
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HÀ NỘI — Veteran composer Phó Đức Phương, whose songs have became hits of many famous Vietnamese singers, will hold his biggest live show to celebrate his 50-year career tonight.

Together with some other composers of his generation, such as Dương Thụ, Nguyễn Cường, Thanh Tùng, Trần Tiến, Phương has contributed significantly to the music scene of Việt Nam since the 1960s.

Inspired by folk tunes of the Red River Delta region, he has composed several songs that became popular among Vietnamese people of all ages. Some of those songs, including Trên Đỉnh Phù Vân (On the Top of ‘Cloud Summit’), Không Thể và Có Thể (Can’t and Can), Về Quê (Back to Homeland), became the hits of different generations of singers.

Alongside folk tune-inspired songs, Phương also achieved success with his songs about lakes and rivers, which once dominated music stages across the country. Those songs, including Một Thoáng Tây Hồ (A Glimpse of West Lake), Chảy Đi Sông Ơi (Let’s Flow, River), Hồ Trên Núi (Lake on Mountain), Huyền Thoại Hồ Núi Cốc (Legend of Núi Cốc Lake), Dòng Sông Ký Ức (The River in Memory), up until now have been sung by many singers. Contestants of singing contests also often pick his compositions to perform because they can show off their technique through the “challenging” notes and tunes of the songs.

The live show tonight, named after one of his hits, On the Top of ‘Cloud Summit’, will present ‘essence’ – the most popular songs – of his musical journey since 1966.

The singers who have solidified their fame with songs by Phương will team up to perform at the concert. Diva Thanh Lam, divo Tùng Dương, and other A-list singers such as Tấn Minh, Bằng Kiều, Thu Phương, Thanh Thanh Hiền and the 5 Dòng Kẻ band, will take to the stage tonight. The concert will also feature famous saxophonist Trần Mạnh Tuấn and his daughter An Trần. 

Composer Đỗ Bảo said he felt it’s quite a challenge to take on the role of the show’s music director.

“Inspired by folk tunes, music by Phó Đức Phương is very unique. It reflects the quintessence of Viet Nam’s different traditional music genres, including chèo (traditional opera), tuồng (classical opera), ca trù (ritual singing), xẩm (blind busker). Honestly, I feel a bit of pressure to conduct the repertoire. I will try to bring the freshness to all of his songs that have been performed over the decades,” Bảo said.

The On the Top of ‘Cloud Summit’ show will take place at the Mỹ Đình National Convention Centre. — VNS





Much loved: Composer Phó Đức Phương (centre) poses for a photo with singer Thu Phương (second right) and other members of his show’s production team. — Photo

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