Vietnamese actors head to China for shows

April, 22/2016 - 09:00

Việt Nam Drama Theatre will perform two stage works in China’s Zheng Zhou and Le Yang cities, at the invitation of the He Nan Culture Association on April 21-27.


Modern family tale: Lâu Đài Cát (Sandy Cattle) will be performed by the Việt Nam Drama Theatre in China. — Photo courtesy of Việt Nam Drama Theatre
Viet Nam News

HÀ NỘI — Two stage works by artists from the Việt Nam Drama Theatre will debut in Chinese cities on April 21-27.

The works are Lâu Đài Cát (Sandy Cattle) and Đám Cưới Con Gái Chuột (The Mouse Daughter’s Marriage).

Four shows will be performed by 14 artists in the Vietnamese language with Chinese subtitles.

Lâu Đài Cát is the story of a family in modern times, which is respected for its high social standing and exemplary standard of living. But, the reality is different -- all the members wear masks to hide their bad habits and depravity caused by social evils.

The work was directed by People’s Artist Anh Tú.

Đám Cưới Con Gái Chuột was staged by Singaporean artist Chua Soo Pong, who arrived in Việt Nam last year to work with the local artists.

The play, which debuted in Hà Nội, was highly acclaimed by the audience.

Đám Cưới Con Gái Chuột is the light-hearted story of a mouse’s daughter who must choose among four suitors -- the sun, the wind, a wall and a white mouse -- all of whom wish to marry her.

Acting on her mother’s advice, the daughter rejects all four contenders as they are not rich, powerful or famous enough. Instead, she chooses to marry a cat, believing it is a more superior species, but must face some unexpected consequences.

The actors’ skilful and precise movements capture the audience attention as the play, which is both funny and allegorical, raises the question -- is the grass really greener on the other side?

Đám Cưới Con Gái Chuột was written and created as a children’s drama in 2003 by director Pong.

The play has been performed in several countries, such as Germany, Indonesia, Malaysia and China, as well as Bangladesh, Turkey and the United States.

The play by Việt Nam Drama Theatre was also staged at Malaysia’s George Town Festival last August.

The 14 artists are being led by theatre director Nguyễn Thế Vinh.

The shows will be held in China’s Zheng Zhou and Le Yang cities, at the invitation of the He Nan Culture Association, to promote friendship and culture co-operation between Việt Nam and China. -- VNS