Vietnamese photographers clean up at the Pink Lady Food Photography Awards

June 21, 2024 - 10:05
Many Vietnamese photographers won prizes at the Pink Lady Food Photography Awards on June 5 at the Mall Galleries in England.

LONDON -- Many Vietnamese photographers cleaned up at the Pink Lady Food Photography Awards, with the winners announced on June 5 at the Mall Galleries in England.

A photograph titled 'Sheep Farming of the Chăm People' by Cao Kỳ Nhân. Photo Cao Kỳ Nhân

Photographer Cao Kỳ Nhân was honoured for two of his pieces in the Food in the Field category, including Sheep Farming of the Chăm People and Hand of Ripe Rice Season.

In the Regional Awards of Southeast Asia, photographer Việt Văn won second prize with the work Boiled Corn in the Water Festival and also secured a Commended Place with Welcome Customers.

Two other Vietnamese photographers also won Commended Place awards for the Southeast Asian region. Chim Oanh won with On the Nhu Y River and Cao Thị Ngọc Diễm with Collecting Nets.

The piece 'On the Nhu Y River' by photographer Chim Oanh. Photo Chim Oanh

Pink Lady Food Photography is a UK photography competition started in 2011. It focuses on photographic works that capture the rhythm of culinary culture worldwide.

The competition has 28 different award categories and welcomed submissions from 65 different nations for this year's event.

Ruth Alexander, Christina Force and Raymond Blanc were among the chefs, newspaper editors and culinary photographers on the competition jury this year. -- VNS