Divo Tùng Dương releases new music video honouring Vietnamese women

June 18, 2024 - 14:00
The music video is a production honouring not only Vietnamese women, but also Vietnamese culture, through symbolic images such as the Đông Sơn bronze drum decorated with lạc bird patterns and lotus.

HÀ NỘI — Divo Tùng Dương seems never get tired to offer his audience something new, whether he is on the stage or launching a music product.

His epic-styled music video Cánh Chim Phượng Hoàng (Phoenix Wings), released officially on YouTube at 7.30pm on June 17 (Việt Nam time) has amazed his fans by its use of cutting-edge cinematic visual effects.

Divo Tùng Dương and rapper Double 2T in the music video Cánh Chim Phượng Hoàng (Phoenix Wings). — Photo courtesy of the artist

At the launch ceremony, at a cinema in Hà Nội, Dương said that the music video is the first installment of a grand programme of work for the rest of the year.

“After Cánh Chim Phượng Hoàng, my team and I will continue to produce another album to release in the autumn. Like the music video, the album will also present the collaboration between me and emerging young artists. We are also in the processing of finalising plans for a live concert at the end of November to promote these videos,” he said.

The Cánh Chim Phượng Hoàng was composed by singer-songwriter Mars Anh Tú (also known as Tú Dưa) to honour all the Vietnamese women, who, in the lyrics, are compared to the Phoenix.

From left, songwriter Mars Anh Tú, singer Tùng Dương and rapper Double 2T at the launch of the music video Cánh Chim Phượng Hoàng (Phoenix Wings) in Hà Nội on June 17. — Photo courtesy of Thanh Lan

Talking about the inspiration for the song, Tú said that in his life, he knew and loved a number of respected women who, he said, "are not only good at taking care of their family, but also successful in their careers. And I want to praise those women through my melodies and lyrics.”

The songwriter said that when he completed the song three years ago, he thought it was a match for Dương’s voice but he still kept it for himself.

“The song was just given to Dương when we met by chance last year,” Tú said.

Nguyễn Hữu Vượng, music director of the video said: "The song's melody is strong enough to show the power in Tùng Dương's vocals, but still not too difficult for the audience to listen to.”

It took singer Dương six months to complete the music video, which also features young rapper Double 2T – winner of the TV show Rap Việt.

To match with the song lyrics, Double 2T raps about the Vietnamese legend with Mother Âu Cơ – the legendary and sacred mother of Vietnamese civilisation, brave female generals fighting against foreign invaders and heroic Vietnamese mothers whose husbands and sons fell to secure the nation’s freedom.

Five accomplished women feature in the video, veteran actress Lê Khanh, diva Thanh Lam, dancer Linh Nga, former Miss Vietnam Hà Kiều Anh and world-champion wushu athlete Thúy Hiền.

"Like a Phoenix, each of them is beautiful yet proud and they have made extraordinary efforts to succeed,” singer Dương said.

The visual effects of the video were created by one of the leading FX companies in Việt Nam, with the participation of Art Director of Riot Games Duy Nguyễn.

After the music video Cánh Chim Phượng Hoàng, Tùng Dương will release another album in this autumn. — Photo courtesy of the artist

“All the scenes have been enhanced, with 95 per cent of them shot with the use of green screen,” director of Zodiac II Media, Nguyễn Trương Kiên said.

Imagery in the video includes visuals of Vietnamese culture, such as a Đông Sơn bronze drum decorated with lạc bird patterns and lotus flowers. — VNS

Click the link to watch the music video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=of1eWaBwJLQ