New dance performance to thank COVID-19 fighters

October 20, 2021 - 09:23

A dance performance entitled Ánh Sáng Tâm Hồn (Light of Soul) will be launched on Youtube at 8pm on October 20.

Artist and choreographer Tuyết Minh. Photo

A dance performance entitled Ánh Sáng Tâm Hồn (Light of Soul) will be launched on Youtube at 8pm on October 20.

The dance is choreographed by Tuyết Minh to thank frontline workers in the fight against the pandemic.

Nhân Dân Cuối Tuần (People's Weekend) reporter Linh Vân spoke to Tuyết Minh about the new production.

Could you tell us about the new dance production? 

I think this time is a historic moment not only for our country but for the world. That fierce reality needs to be captured in different art forms including dance.

It is also the responsibility of the artist towards historical challenges. I hope the dance performance will bring to the audience emotional and moving moments contributing to healing the wounds that we have been experiencing during the pandemic.

Every artwork is to mark the creative process of the artist. This work presents my gratitude and respect for the unconditional sacrifices of the frontline forces including healthcare workers, police, soldiers and volunteers. It also expresses our – the dancers’ – love for the country and the people.

The dance will feature 150 dancers performing contemporary dance, hip-hop, jazz and Broadway.

How could you put all these genres into the dance?

I always respect the typical characteristics of each artist. This work gathers talented directors from the north and the south of the country.

I’m responsible for co-ordinating the dancers in the north and artist Alex Tú and his colleagues work with the artists in the south.

HCM City has carried out social distancing during the last months so the southern-based artists had to rehearse solo and duet dances. And group dances are performed by Hà Nội artists.

What’s the story behind the dance?

The dance will have seven scenes telling real stories portraying normal people and their contribution to the fight against the pandemic. We want to spread the good qualities of the people and the Vietnamese nation.

You are newly appointed as permanent Deputy Chairwoman of Việt Nam Dance Artists Association. Do you think that your new work will inspire dancers when performing arts are seriously affected by the pandemic?

It is great that dance is now popular in the community. It is performed at cultural events. Dance has developed on a large scale with the appearance of dance clubs everywhere such as schools, universities, and businesses.

This also causes a lack of professional dance performances and losing the trust of the audience. I hope that the audience will have a chance to enjoy dances performed by talented dancers.

A dancer’s career is not long and it is difficult to earn a living in dancing. What will you do to encourage the talents as you are the permanent Deputy Chairwoman of the dance association?

I always want to create a space for the young dancers to show their talents and creativity. Most importantly, I want to help them to be more confident to overcome their limitations.

I want to connect them in teamwork, the ideology of dedication to the community for the common cause of the Vietnamese dance development.

That's how young dancers grow up and create meaningful works for the community. This will help their works to win the audience’s hearts.

Could you tell us about your future plans?

I completed a work about President Hồ Chí Minh. This will be slices of President Hồ Chí Minh's 30-year journey to find a way to save the country. If it weren't for the pandemic, the work would have been released.

Making this work is difficult because it should portray President Hồ Chí Minh and feature his manners and his wisdom. This is a big dream in my career. 

I hope the work will premiere next year. I also believe that it will be a creative performance bringing emotional fulfillment to the audience though dance. VNS





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