Amazon Global Selling Việt Nam announces strategic priorities for sustainable growth

October 18, 2023 - 08:35
The export value of Vietnamese businesses selling with Amazon increased by 50 per cent, enlarging the contribution to the country’s export economy.
Eric Broussard, Vice-President, Worldwide Global Selling & International Seller Services spoke at the event. — Photo

HÀ NỘI — Vietnamese merchants on Amazon recorded robust performance in the 12 months ending 31 August this year.

Seventeen million items from Vietnamese companies were purchased by Amazon's global clientele, cementing Việt Nam's standing in the worldwide market.

Vietnamese firms' export value on Amazon rose by 50 per cent, boosting its significance to the nation’s export-driven economy.

Numerous Vietnamese companies have seized their global growth prospects with Amazon, witnessing a 40 per cent surge in Vietnamese merchant partners.

These outcomes underscore the successful collaboration between Vietnamese SMEs and Amazon and highlight the tenacity of businesspeople in navigating and prospering amid economic challenges.

Amazon Global Selling Việt Nam kicked off its fifth annual Amazon Cross-border E-commerce Summit in 2023 in Hà Nội on Tuesday. The summit takes place in Hà Nội today, before moving to HCM City on Thursday.

“E-commerce has changed the way businesses interact with other businesses and their customers. E-commerce also helps businesses overcome barriers in international trade, making it easier to expand their business to other markets, thereby creating motivation for the growth of exports and trade," said Lại Việt Anh, deputy general director of the Vietnam E-commerce and Digital Economy Agency (iDEA) under the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MoIT).

"The Government pays close attention to facilitating and fostering the use of e-commerce. This is shown by various policies and regulations issued recently to help businesses with their digital transformation, as well as to support them on their quest to expand internationally through e-commerce applications."

"There are about two million Amazon third-party selling partners worldwide today, and products from the sellers account for 60 per cent of everything sold in our store," said Eric Broussard, Vice-President, Worldwide Global Selling & International Seller Services.

“Many Vietnamese businesses have been part of this amazing growing community. Việt Nam is an emerging part of the global e-commerce supply chain. We value Việt Nam’s manufacturing strength, entrepreneurial spirit, and rapid digital transformation. That’s why we are enhancing our presence in Việt Nam and will continue to accelerate your success with us,” said Broussard.

“One of the next megatrends for businesses going global is through e-commerce,” said Gijae Seong, head of Amazon Global Selling Việt Nam.

The question was whether local businesses can embrace this trend quickly, capture global consumption demand, and create long-term growth, he said.

“We continue our efforts to help Vietnamese selling partners innovate and upgrade their products to best serve global customers, build global brands, and scale their global presence,” he said.

Strategic priorities

Recognising the capabilities and determination of Vietnamese SMEs, Amazon Global Selling aims to expand its efforts to empower Vietnamese selling partners to strengthen their innovation and competencies and facilitate the building of international businesses and brands in this vibrant export context.

Amazon Global Selling Việt Nam announced strategic priorities for 2024 across three pillars.

Firstly, boosting the readiness of cross-border e-commerce in Việt Nam by strengthening collaboration with governmental agencies and strategic partners to equip Vietnamese SMEs with education; nurturing and empowering industry service providers; and bolstering seller community activities to share more experience and know-how.

Secondly, accelerating local supply chain integration, including connecting selling partners with manufacturers in many categories across the country to innovate and expand new product selections from Việt Nam, in addition to supporting local manufacturers to quickly capture online export trends and opportunities.

Thirdly, elevating Vietnamese selling partner quality and success by doubling down on the effort on seller education; facilitating selling partners to build and boost their global brands; extending support and offerings to help sellers at every step, from account registration and account management to finances, operational logistics, and brand building.

At the event, Amazon also introduced a range of new and improved tools and programmes, including Fee Waiver, JITA, Brand Tailored Promotion, and upgraded SEND, to accelerate cross-border e-commerce and empower local businesses through every stage of their selling journey on Amazon.

Amazon Global Selling further enhanced its presence in Việt Nam by announcing the official opening of the Amazon Day-1 Việt Nam Training Centre and a new office in HCM City, Amazon’s first onsite training and networking centre in Việt Nam which can accommodate 100 people, and a live stream studio to produce and broadcast online educational content and webinars to serve the growing needs of cross-border e-commerce. — VNS