Hà Nội moves to help firms join foreign distribution systems

April 18, 2023 - 10:58
Every year, many kinds of products of Việt Nam in general and Hà Nội in particular are put up for sale at Aeon supermarkets and retail stores across Japan through the “Vietnamese Goods Week” programme.


Vietnamese mango sold in Japan. — Photo tapchitaichinh.vn

HÀ NỘI — Hà Nội recently issued a project on promoting Vietnamese businesses to directly participate in foreign distribution networks by 2030.

This project aims to build a close strategic cooperation relationship between Hà Nội's manufacturing and exporting enterprises and foreign distribution networks, on both traditional export and e-commerce channels, towards a stable and sustainable production–export–distribution model.

To accomplish these goals, Hà Nội will direct relevant units, departments, and branches to provide market information for 5,000 businesses, and training for 1,000 to improve their competitiveness and supply capacity to gradually participate in the global value chain; support 300 firms in participating in cross-border e-commerce; and help more than 500 products to be exported directly to foreign distribution networks.

Through many foreign retail groups, Vietnamese goods are now present in supermarkets and shops around the world.

Every year, many kinds of products of Việt Nam, and Hà Nội in particular, are offered at Aeon supermarkets and retail stores across Japan through the “Vietnamese Goods Week” programme.

Besides traditional products such as instant noodles, rice paper, spices, coffee, garment and textiles and footwear, Vietnamese fruits and agricultural products have also gradually reached the hands of Japanese consumers. Through this programme, many products have been imported by the Aeon Group and offered at hundreds of its supermarkets, contributing to realising the goal of US$1 billion in export turnover of Vietnamese goods through Aeon's system by 2025.

Similarly, Central Retail, one of the largest retail platforms in Southeast Asia, has regularly organised a “Vietnamese Goods Week” programme in Thailand.

The group has also pledged to support Vietnamese enterprises in seeking partners and bringing Vietnamese goods to its retail systems in Thailand and Italy.

In addition, the export trend through distribution systems based on e-commerce platforms is also being considered an effective solution in helping businesses gradually participate in the global supply chain. In 2022, the Hà Nội Department of Industry and Trade organised a workshop titled “Cross-border e-commerce with Amazon – Export opportunities for Vietnamese enterprises”, in which more than 500 businesses were guided to access Amazon.

Đỗ Hồng Hạnh, strategic partner director of Amazon Global Selling Vietnam, said that over recent years, the number of Vietnamese sellers has been increasing on this e-commerce platform. In the future, Amazon Global Selling will strongly support Vietnamese businesses to grasp market information, improve the quality of human resources, and gradually build up brands for Vietnamese goods in the world market. — VNS