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Top-of-mind Car Rental brand among multinational companies

Update: January, 06/2020 - 16:19

Hertz, a car rental brand from the US with a history of more than 100 years, has affirmed its position with many prestigious awards in 2019 voted by customers and well-known organisations.

Recently, Hertz was selected to accompany the Secret Service of former US President Barack Obama and the former first lady Michelle Obama during their visit to Viet Nam in early December.

Pioneer in car rental services with a global reputation

Starting with a fleet of just 12 cars in 1918, Hertz was the first company that tapped a market that had not been previously available: car rental service. With a strategic vision, Hertz has become a global car rental brand, present in more than 150 countries, including Viet Nam.

In Viet Nam, Hertz offers a wide range of high quality vehicles serving customer needs

In 2019, Hertz was awarded as The Best Car Rental Service in the world by The Points Guy (TPG), which evaluates travel service providers, membership cards and credit cards. In October 2019, Hertz also ranked No.1 in the Customer Satisfaction survey conducted by J.D. Power in North America. In Asia, Hertz was voted The Best Car Rental Brand in 2019 by Travel Weekly Asia readers.

Hertz was voted The Best Car Rental Company in 2019 by Travel Weekly Asia.

Efforts to improve service quality and serve the needs of various customer groups make Hertz a brand that has received various prestigious awards.

A trusted partner of multinational companies

For businesses coming to Viet Nam to do market research with a limited time frame and local transport understanding, Hertz will be a very reliable partner. Once provided with the destinations of the trip, Hertz will map out the route, estimate the budget and propose optimal solutions to the customers.

Another competitive advantage of Hertz is its ability to offer a wide collection of vehicles ranging from four to nine and from medium to luxury vehicles. In addition, depending on customers’ demand, Hertz will also design special transportation packages to bring the best experience to its customers.

Its professional chauffeur team sets Hertz apart from its competitors in the Vietnamese market. Hertz’s chauffeurs are subjected to a rigorous selection process and on-the-job training sessions, depending on the customer's requirements. Hertz prides itself on its team of experienced chauffeurs who can handle complex traffic situations and are familiar with a wide range of vehicles from popular to luxury and sports cars. Polite and courteous service attitude, respect for customers’ privacy, communication skills, and foreign language proficiency of Hertz's chauffeurs are the strengths that lead to customer satisfaction.

Hertz chauffeurs are carefully recruited and able to communicate well both in Vietnamese and English. 

These advantages helped Hertz undergo the selection of the US Consulate and the Secret Service to become the fleet supplier of the Secret Service to accompany former President Obama and former first lady Michelle Obama during their visit to Viet Nam.

A special mission

The fleet of vehicles in the selected country must follow strict regulations on security and information control. The selection of car supplier must go through the Consulate in the host country and the Secret Service to ensure the criteria for quantity, quality, uniformity of the fleet and the drivers.

The car fleet serving former US President Obama and the former first lady in Viet Nam included Sedan, SUV, and 16-seat-cars. Unlike normal trips, the itinerary must be kept confidential and each destination was only revealed before departure.

Hertz car fleet serving former US President Obama and the former first lady in their visit to Viet Nam

The above requirements required Hertz to have a team of professional and flexible chauffeurs who had mastered the area, could work well in a team and strictly followed the plan. More importantly, to support the Secret Service, the chauffeurs were required to be good at English communication and excellent at problem solving.

Being the first brand in the car rental market, and possessing profound experience in developing quality chauffeurs and car fleet, Hertz has become a trusted business partner that can meet the rigorous and diverse needs of its customers.

About Hertz:

As a global car rental brand, Hertz has more than 11,500 offices and franchise partners in over 150 countries. Hertz has a presence in more than 8,300 airports and is the world’s largest airport car rental brand. Officially launched in Viet Nam at the end of August 2019 through New City Rent A Car franchise partner, Hertz provides car rental service with or without chauffeur, airport pick-up service, and long-term and short-term fleet management service.

For further information, contact Hertz Vietnam at hotline 028 7308 7889/ 0911 69 11 00 or email: info@hertzvietnam.com

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