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Expert speaks about delivering wellness

Update: July, 04/2019 - 13:24

Teaser: Patrick Saussay, founder and CEO of Global Project and Spa Advisory (GPSA), talks to Minh Thu about the philosophy of wellness.

Patrick Saussay from France is founder and CEO of Global Project and Spa Advisory (GPSA), a company dedicated to providing worldwide expertise in strategy, project management, wellness solutions, and to support spa brands international development. He is currently involved in the evolution of wellness for spas, thermal stations, cities, brands, and supervises major wellness projects in France, Japan, South Korea, Qatar and Belgium.

He is now in charge of Evian Spa international development on behalf of evian®. Recently, he had a business trip to Việt Nam to examine the operation of Evian SPA HANOI, located at Lotte Hotel Hanoi. He talks to Việt Nam News about the philosophy of wellness.

Patrick Saussay, founder and CEO of Global Project and Spa Advisory (GPSA), speaks about wellness and healthy lifestyle. VNS Photo Minh Thu

What is exciting about Evian Spa, especially Evian SPA HANOI?

Evian Spa is a concept founded in 2012, consistent with evian®, a world leading brand of drinking water and thermal services since 1824. We target to rank top in the spa market. Our spas are located at iconic spaces. Our first place in Tokyo is located at Palace Hotel Tokyo. The location has a floor-to-ceiling view of the Imperial Palace gardens. In Hà Nội, we are at Evian SPA HANOI at Lotte Hotel Hanoi, the luxurious 5-star hotel in the iconic skyscraper.

In our concept, we focus on bringing wellness to the guests. We take care of all dimensions and senses to create a global wellness experience in an urban wellness retreat. We aim to deliver the best quality to the customers.

What is the position of Evian SPA HANOI in the market? What is your expectations and goals for development?

Evian SPA HANOI is on top of Ha Noi’s market. It has a very special location in the city. Located on 35th floor of Lotte Hotel Hanoi, it offers a panoramic view of the city. Also, unlike the other hotels where all guests share one swimming pool, this spa has an exclusive indoor swimming pool, separated from the outdoor swimming pool of the hotel; therefore, spa guests can enjoy their own experience.

The spa design, colours, light, rituals and treatments follow the same concept with other Evian spas.

From the loose stone garden in the spa’s reception, the spa’s design is a metaphorical reflection of the journey Evian natural mineral water takes through the Alps. Each treatment room is aptly named after a peak in the Alps.

The Evian Spa in Lotte Hotel Hanoi is the only one in Viet Nam to use natural water from Evian’s birthplace and spa techniques that date back centuries as the basis of the treatments.

The atmosphere of the spa is serene and quiet, together with the relaxing vibe it makes you right at ease.

To restore your body and mind with new energy, we offer Eastern and Western treatments in a luxurious setting.

The menu encompasses four types of treatments: celestial for deep relaxation, mineral for detoxification and balance, precious for better aging and vitalising for energising treatments. Food and beverage offers are also integrated in some packages for a consistent and unique experience at Evian SPA HANOI.

What is the purpose of your visit to Evian SPA HANOI?

I come here to guarantee that the quality is excellent and always progresses for improvements.

Here, we secure the Evian identity through treatments, consistency, pure design, music, fragrance, etc. We develop all dimensions to a consistent level.

Though the customers’ feedback is good, I want to make sure that all the guests always feel something new at this spa.

Also on this occasion, I talk to the team about how to deliver wellness.

We focus on wellness, more than solely on cosmetics or treatment. In fact, many spas are developed on the base of cosmetics. On the contrary, here the guests are our priority. Beyond treatments, we try to understand our guests and help them to build up a healthy lifestyle.

What is your definition of ‘wellness’? How do you apply that to Evian SPA HANOI?

For me, wellness means you enjoy life and live better, not just live longer. We are living longer and longer, but it has no meaning if you don’t feel well. It’s not a good point at all.

Far beyond spa and treatments, we want to create a lifestyle that encourages people to stay healthy.

When you think about enjoying life, we suggest an overall approach to many aspects of life including food and beverage, outdoor exercise, sleeping, reading, meditating, etc., all which contributes to reduce the level of stress. All these components can help you feel peaceful and comfortable.

I often tell my staff that they should enjoy life in a positive way. It’s the best way to achieve wellness. If they don’t live well and feel well, how can they deliver wellness to the customers? I tell the team to take time to take care of themselves to make sure that they always have the right feeling.

What is your source of inspiration? How does that align with your work with Evian Spa?

Well, I find inspiration from travel. I like travelling from country to country to feel the different atmospheres and different experiences, Europe, Middle East, Japan, South Korea and Việt Nam.

Evian SPA allows me to work and travel to many countries in order to bring the best of the French wellness concept to iconic destinations and adjust it to local culture and demands.

For Việt Nam, what impressed me most is the sense of hospitality and the food. The quality of food here is wonderful.

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