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SABECO embraces sustainability and brings Viet Nam’s beverages to the world

Update: December, 22/2021 - 08:00

HÀ NỘI — With a commitment to promoting positive and sustainable factors, and bringing the country's beverage industry to an international level, SABECO is constantly striving to improve the world-class quality of its products and continuously launched new initiatives to bring value to the community.

Earlier this month, Bia Saigon, the leading brand of Saigon Beer-Alcohol-Beverage Corporation (SABECO) launched “Bản Sắc Việt”, Bia Saigon’s Tết 2022 collection, which consists of 63 beer cans featuring the signature scenery, culture and customs of a province or city, accompanied by a short quote depicting local traditions.

SABECO and its Bia Saigon was honoured to receive the announcement of setting a Vietnamese record for the “Bản Sắc Việt” collection with images of the 63 localities in Việt Nam.

This is the most meaningful and special collection from Bia Saigon by far. The collection’s design concept was inspired by woodcarving art typical art of Đông Hồ folk paintings to create a rustic but lively look.

The initiative cleverly recreates the characteristics of each region, expressing the spirit of national cohesion of the 63 provinces and cities across the country and demonstrating the precious beauty of Việt Nam from north to south, celebrating a spirit of unity and recognition of our culture and togetherness during challenging times.

Through five main colours of red, orange, green, blue and yellow, the collection cleverly recreates the characteristics of each region, expressing the spirit of national cohesion of 63 provinces and cities across the country.

Doctors and nurses participate into the "Collecting a Million Stars" launched by SABECO to encourages innovative ideas from all Vietnamese residents.

The collection also welcomes the year 2022 with much joy, hope and prosperity, and "brings everyone together as one at Tết" (Lunar New Year).

Bennett Neo, SABECO’s general director, said: “We have almost gone through 2021 – a year full of unexpected challenges and disruptions. This year, the COVID-19 pandemic had made an unprecedented impact on people, society, and the economy."

"As a brand that has been with Vietnamese people for more than 145 years, Bia Saigon deeply understands the effort Việt Nam has made to overcome all those difficulties to be 'Stronger Together' as a country. As the year 2021 draws to a close, we would like to take this opportunity to recognise that resilience and cohesion through our latest limited-edition collection.”

He stressed that as the leading homegrown brand, Bia Saigon always strove to improve product quality, while constantly launching new initiatives to bring value to the community and spread the Vietnamese identity to domestic and international friends. “Bia Saigon is committed to promoting and honouring the beauty of Việt Nam, thus positively contributing to the development of culture and tourism for the country.”

Bia Saigon was honoured to receive the announcement of setting a Vietnamese record for the “Bản Sắc Việt” collection with images of the 63 localities in Việt Nam.

Lê Doãn Hợp, former member of the Party Central Committee and chairman of the record associations, said: “Every record in Việt Nam needs to converge on three things - Information,  Brand, and Intelligence. The collection for upcoming Tết, 'Bản Sắc Việt' of Bia Saigon has met the above criteria when portraying the typical beauties of cities and provinces across Việt Nam in a very unique way."

He said the launch was meaningfully spreading Vietnamese culture to friends in five continents as well as contributing to the country’s national heritage.

Towards a future of sustainable development

Doctors and nurses participate into the "Collecting a Million Stars" launched by SABECO to encourages innovative ideas from all Vietnamese residents. — Photo courtesy of the firm

SABECO has always striven to promote internal resources, planning a long-term and sustainable development strategy. The development of SABECO always attaches their rights and responsibilities to the development of the country, raising awareness of environmental protection.

SABECO has adopted a sustainable development model to guide its long-term strategy and its quest to continue bringing pride to Việt Nam, through an approach referred to as the company’s 4C commitment – Consumption, Conservation, Country, and Culture.

In terms of Country and Culture, SABECO has supported activities to preserve and promote the traditional values of Việt Nam, building a beautiful image of the country. Launching of the “Bản Sắc Việt” collection is one of activities honouring the country’s culture.

With Consumption and Conservation, Việt Nam's leading beer company also affirms its responsibility on global climate change through an investment project to upgrade its production plant towards minimising impact on the environment.

Inspired by the five-pointed star of the Vietnamese flag, the "Collecting Million Stars" programme encourages and inspires innovative ideas from all Vietnamese.

SABECO has an ecosystem of 26 factories that all meet the country's environmental protection standards. At the same time, it has joined with the Ministry of Industry and Trade to implement actions for food safety in industry and trade, and is one of the units with strong commitment in spreading the culture of responsible drinking and alcohol consumption - do not drive when having a drink, with many practical messages and actions.

"Throughout the 145-year history of establishment and development, one of our core values is the spirit of solidarity, joining hands with the Government and people to build community as well as honour Vietnamese values," said Neo.

One of the factors leading to SABECO's success today is its boldness in investing and applying science and technology into production associated with good environmental protection.

A sense of community responsibility in environmental protection, in addition to business development, SABECO has always paid attention to environmental issues.

Along with the investment in wastewater, gas and waste treatment systems in line with modern and environmentally-friendly technological production processes, investments in clean warehouses thanks to the system of parks, trees, dust extraction and air filtration have been thoroughly deployed at all factories.

Saving energy and contributing to reducing environmental pressures in the production process is one of the issues that SABECO has always paid much attention to.

In 2018, energy consumption was well controlled and decreased compared to 2017. Electricity consumption decreased by between 1 and 4 per cent, while heat consumption decreased between 2 and 6 per cent.

With the right steps in determining business strategy, choosing, investing and applying science and technology in governance, engaging with the community and society, upholding responsibility in environmental protection, SABECO’s work today will create confidence for its sustainable development to new heights in the future. 



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