Samsung Vina launches six new monitors

March, 23/2019 - 07:00

Samsung Vina Electronics on Wedesday launched six new computer monitors.

Samsung Vina Electronic launches six new computer monitors to meet the demands of users.—Photo
Viet Nam News

HCM CITY— Samsung Vina Electronics has launched six new computer monitors.

The new monitors include the Space monitor, UR59C curved monitor, CRG9 with 5K resolution, CR500 with three-sided bezel-less design and QHD resolution, and the CJG50 and CJG51.

Suh Kyung Wook, president of Samsung Vine Electronics, said the company had conducted research to improve the product and bring the best experience to users.

The new generation of monitors frees up desk space and improves image quality to meet users’ work and entertainment needs, he said.

The space monitor is designed with an integrated clamp design that allows users to adjust the height of the monitor to meet the needs and eye level of users.

With a flexible design and high resolution (the 27-inch version has QHD resolution and the 32-inch version has 4K UHD resolution), the space screen offers extremely detailed photos with the sophistication of a new-style screen.

The 49-inch CRG9 has 5K resolution and is considered to be the best monitor in the market for gamers. The CRG9 monitor also has HDR AMD Radon Free Sync technology which reduces lag and delay

The 32-inch curved UR59C monitor with 4K resolution has up to one billion colours, offering rich visual experiences, especially useful for designers.— VNS