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Ninja on the loose

Update: March, 27/2018 - 09:00
Viet Nam News

Việt Nam’s roads are filled with terrible drivers, but few will admit that they are menaces to society.

One woman in HCM City is bucking the trend though, freely admitting that other road users had best steer clear, or else.

A picture of the femme fatale driving in District 3 with an A4 sign on her back warning others to pay attentions as she is learning how to drive has gone viral across social media in recent days.

Adding to the humour was the fact the unidentified woman was dressed as a ‘ninja’. No, she wasn’t carrying nunchucks but was covered head to toe in clothing, with a long-sleeve jacket and trousers to keep the sun at bay, as many female Vietnamese drivers do.

While dressing like this is striking and does keep one’s skin pearly white, it does stop the driver from being able to see properly. The sight of these ‘ninjas’ tends to strike fear into other road-users, leading to the ironic moniker.

Bizarrely though, instead of lambasting the woman for putting herself and others at risk for driving when she knows she isn’t capable, social media users praised her, calling her a “ninja with a heart”.

The image has received thousands of “likes” and positive comments on Facebook, as she informs others on the road to keep their eyes wide open (something she won’t do) and keep their distance from her.

Some event went so far as to hail her bravery for admitting her poor driving ability, which many people try to hide.

A Facebook member named Huy Phuc commented: “Here comes the most warmhearted ninja. No one would feel uncomfortable seeing that.” Another Facebook member Duc Minh wrtoe “More people should do this, the ninja is really thoughtful. Doing this will help avoid traffic accidents.”

While honesty is the best policy, perhaps this woman should stay off the roads until she knows what she’s doing, before she hurts herself or someone else.— VNS

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