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Worth its weight in rice

Update: March, 06/2018 - 09:00

Early this year, the owner of a husking plant in the central province of Bình Định found more than three ounces of gold left in a bag of rice.

The owner Lê Quang Thắng and his wife, who lived in Phước Hưng Commune, Tuy Phước District, told that they were very surprised to see the gold in the bag.

They kept the gold safe and made a public announcement to find the owner.

“I thought that in order to have the gold, people in rural areas must have saved for a long time and whoever lost the gold must be very anxious,” Thắng said, adding that he wanted to return the gold to its owner.

Thắng told farmers and wholesalers who bought rice to their husking plant.

Thắng even asked local media to print his telephone number so that owner of the gold could contact him.

Since then, many people had phoned or turned up at his house to claim ownership of the gold but all of them failed to pass Thắng’s tests.

Dương Minh Tân, chairman of Phước Hưng Commune People’s Committee confirmed that Thắng was looking for the owner of the gold left in the bag of rice.

Tân said that he himself has not seen the gold because Thắng’s family was keeping it very securely.

Tân praised Thắng’s good deed, saying that local authorities would assist Thắng in returning the gold to the rightful owner. — VNS


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