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Vermicelli from bean makes Bình Định memorable

The central province of Bình Định, full of sunshine, gentle breezes, and hard-working people, has been known for various delicacies such as sweet soft bánh ít lá gai (sticky rice cake with mung bean fillings) and small sweet sour pork paste. But very few people know about Song Thằn vermicelli, which is as popular as other delicacies.

Masan Group’s profits up 123% in H1

Masan Group Corporation’s consolidated net revenues for the first half of the year were VNĐ36.02 trillion (US$1.55 billion), a decline of 12.5 per cent from the same period last year mainly due to deconsolidation of the feed segment.

Life & Style

Nam Định's fried pork noodle delicacy

Though Nam Định cannot compare with other bigger cities like Hà Nội and Hải Phòng in terms of local delicacies, it still has a significant dish that cannot be found anywhere else. Phở xíu, or rice noodles with fried pork, should not be missed when visiting this small city.


Investors seek husbandry opportunities in Đồng Nai

Vice Chairman of the People’s Committee of Đồng Nai province Võ Văn Phi received executives from the Netherlands’ De Heus Group and Việt Nam’s Hùng Nhơn Group on Monday to discuss opportunities in agriculture in the southern province.

Hà Giang's spiritual ceremonies get national recognition

The cultural and spiritual life of ethnic minorities in the northernmost mountain province of Hà Giang's Hoàng Su Phì District has risen to new heights since two traditional ceremonies were included in the list of national intangible cultural heritage.