Ethnic community gives farming a face-lift

A community of 41 ethnic groups in Quảng Sơn Commune has been building high-valued farms with exportable crops at Dano Farm – the first ‘green’ agro-forestry co-operative of a multi-ethnic community.

Discovering the wind farm in Bạc Liêu

Working out what’s the best way to provide power to the nation is no easy task. As we search for cleaner and greener sources, more and more wind farms are appearing around the country.

Volunteers keep hundreds of years old forest alive

Tourists who come to Tương Dương in Nghệ An Province can't help but be overwhelmed by the beauty and majesty of the forest with tens of millions of hundreds of years old Lagerstroemia tomentosa trees. They are protected by a volunteer called Vi Chính Nghĩa and his grandson Vi Võ Tuấn.