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Inner Sanctum

Famed pop-art artist draws inspiration from pandemic

Vietnamese pop-art artist Trần Trung Lĩnh has recently been working as a storyboard artist in the film industry. Inspired by the recent struggles of Sài Gòn due to the pandemic, Lĩnh, 44, has painted several pictures showing the city’s beauty, goodness and tolerance in such a profoundly difficult time. Inner Sanctum spoke to Lĩnh about his life and current work.

Life & Style

Award-winning actor wants to get behind the camera

Trần Anh Khoa won the best actor award at the 18th Asian Film Festival in Rome, Italy last month for playing the title character in the movie Ròm. Ròm was the first Vietnamese film to win the top award in the New Current section at the Busan International Film Festival in 2019 and the best first feature film award at Fantasia IFF 2020. Khoa is currently studying film production at Confederation College, Canada. He spoke to kenh14.vn about his role in Ròm. 


Why Ronaldo is truly the real thing

At a press conference ahead of Portugal’s European Championship game against Hungary, the Juventus player removed two bottles of the above-mentioned beverage from in front of him and then held up a bottle of water suggesting that was a better option than the sugar-laced, carbonated drink.


Nothing to get excited about

It’s not that I’ve ever wanted England to lose, it’s just I’m not really that bothered if they do. And you certainly won’t find me belting out Land of Hope and Glory from the balcony of my 19th-floor apartment if they beat Croatia on Sunday evening.