Step into a Hongkong movie at Quận 5 Dining

June 30, 2024 - 09:43
If you’re ready for a culinary experience of nostalgia, flavour, and a touch of cinematic magic, this is the spot.

By Hamy Nguyễn

Forgive me for saying this, but I must admit it upfront: I'm not a fan of Chinese food.

Celebrities were flocking to District 5 like it was the latest hot spot. VNS Hamy Nguyễn Photos

Don’t get me wrong, I respect the cultural significance and craftsmanship, but my taste buds haven't caught on. Ingredients like five-spice powder, Sichuan pepper, and chilli often create flavours too bold for my palate. It's like a fireworks show in my mouth, and not in a good way. But as someone in the F&B industry, I can't resist checking out new restaurants, especially when celebrities are flocking there like it was the latest hot spot. So, naturally, I had to give District 5 a try.

Enter Quận 5 Dining and be whisked away to the vibrant streets of Hong Kong. The space exudes the charm of a classic Hong Kong movie set, with traditional and modern design elements seamlessly combined. Red hues illuminate the warm ambience, while vintage decoration evokes nostalgia for the city's cinematic past. With its captivating atmosphere, dining here feels like stepping into a world where every meal is a scene from your favourite Hong Kong movie.

The space exudes the charm of a classic Hong Kong movie set, with traditional and modern design elements seamlessly combined.

I went with my group of friends because I knew a Chinese restaurant would be ideal for a shared supper. A quick recommendation for those who would want to give it a try: the restaurant does indeed work well for big parties due to its big portions and the opportunity to try more items when you go in a group. The menu features Singaporean, in addition to mainland Chinese and Hong Kong cuisine. We followed the waitress' recommendation and selected the best-selling dishes.

Fried Beef Hor Fun Noodles.

To begin with, the Gong Cai and Pork Ear salad (VNĐ155,000) was a delicious blend of flavours and textures. The chewy texture and savoury flavour of the pig ear were complemented by the refreshing crunch and somewhat bitter taste of the Gong Cai, which is also well-liked in Việt Nam. The salad had a really nice combination of sour, salty, and sweet flavours and was served with a soy-sauce dressing. Trust me, it's a porky delight you won't want to miss.

Gong Cai and Pork Ear salad.

The second dish you absolutely must try this summer is Fried Beef Hor Fun Noodles (VNĐ145,000). It sounds simple, but it was incredibly satisfying. The noodles were thick and chewy, made from starch, so they were delightful to munch on. On the other hand, the beef is prepared the Chinese way: marinated with baking soda before stir-frying, making it incredibly tender. Everything was tossed in a tangy, flavourful sauce, so you could eat to your heart's content without feeling overwhelmed.

Pan-seared Scallops With Asparagus (VNĐ415,000) is my absolute favourite dish. The star of the show was the scallops, the largest I've ever had, seared to perfection with a crispy exterior, yet incredibly savoury and juicy inside.

There was nothing fancy here besides the smoky aroma and the fragrance of garlic, but it was simply divine. With this dish, I realised that Quận 5 is unlike any Chinese restaurant I've ever been to. Here, it's all about simple combinations with delicious ingredients. They don't rely heavily on spices like traditional Hong Kong or mainland Chinese cuisine; everything is adapted to suit the Vietnamese palate.

Pan-seared Scallops With Asparagus.

The last dish was the Salted-egg Pork Ribs (VNĐ205,000), for which we had to wait a while, about 45 minutes from when we ordered. It combined tender, succulent ribs with a rich and creamy salted egg sauce. The ribs were typically marinated well, ensuring they were juicy and flavourful. Then they were coated in a luscious sauce made of salted egg yolks, butter, and other aromatic ingredients.

It was delicious, but both the ribs and the sauce were quite fatty. This also made me a little sad because I didn't want to end a delicious meal feeling overly greasy.

Salted-egg Pork Ribs.

Quận 5 Dining offers more than just a meal – it’s the culinary equivalent of a red carpet premiere – but with chopsticks. Whether you’re a food enthusiast or just looking for a unique night out, Quận 5 Dining promises an award-winning performance every time. So grab your friends, bring your appetite, and get ready for a culinary adventure that’s sure to be a blockbuster hit. VNS

Quận 5 Dining

Address: 24A Tôn Thất Thiệp St, Hoàn Kiếm Dist, Hà Nội

Price: from VNĐ35,000 - 1,095,000

Comment: Bustling, nostalgic, cozy, flavourful, savoury, delectable