Popular digital content creator feels inspired

February 18, 2024 - 07:52
Digital content creator Trần Khánh Vy shared about her passion and career.

Trần Khánh Vy is a popular and successful digital content creator. Lê Hương chats with her about her passion and career, at the sidelines of the recent NAS SUMMIT in Singapore, where thousands of digital content creators from many countries and territories met and shared their experiences.

CREATOR: Trần Khánh Vy has become a popular digital content creator in Việt Nam. Photo thanhnien.vn

Inner Sanctum: What is the biggest challenge for a young digital content creator?

I remember when I started to make videos for my YouTube and Facebook channels. I did not know how to start and when everything would be fine.

A digital content creator met me here and asked me: "You started in 2018, so when did your clips go viral?"

That’s also the same question for all new digital content creators, who do not know what they should focus on, or follow what guidelines.

My advice to them is that they should just start and make clips every day consistently. During that process, they should not follow an old path, they should create something new. I asked myself: "What do I have new today?" It does not mean I am revolutionary in everything, but I should do everything new, step by step.

Persistence will help guard against any uncertainty, so you can start.

Inner Sanctum: How did you start making videos to post on social media?

At first, I just updated my status on Facebook in an easy-going way. Then I realised that many people followed me. I thought this was how I should start, connect, and do something funny. I should not be limited to my acquaintances but open further.

Then I made some advertising clips, which had not been reacted to much. I realised that I would be forgotten if I just concentrated on making money.

The only thing that helped me keep my followers was the value I brought to them, from a saying, an image, or a clip. Then I thought about value: an advertising post has commercial value, a part of which is for the brand, and another part is targeted customers. However, the post had very little value for the majority of the audience. I thought I should combine to do things that I could do and things that I wanted.

The things I could do were English, and what I liked to do were funny, cheerful clips. So I combined two to make videos on funnily learning English.

Inner Sanctum: What have you learned from this event?

Here, I met many people with the same interest from all over the world. I felt their energy and cheerful outlook. They are all happy and ready to share something with others.

From this forum, I met multiple digital content makers from everywhere, who have different angles. Here, I know what people in the world are doing and the common trends in the field.

Here I met a creator who initiated the viral Nas Daily page on Facebook and YouTube. I have followed him for a long time and wonder how he can get so much energy and run such a mighty content-creating team.

I saw him getting to every corner of the hall and greeting everybody, which is a reason for his success.

PANEL: Trần Khánh Vy (2nd right) discusses her experience of making digital content with her colleagues from other countries at the Nas Summit in Singapore. VNS Photo Lê Hương

Inner Sanctum: What do you think this event will do to your career?

Any experience or event may help form my personality and my career. I’m sure that anybody joining this event will bring at least one or more new relationships, 1 new follower, or some knowledge from other people.

Here, I can see people are working very hard and I should do the same. The world is changing very fast; if I stop, I may go backwards. I think I have learned a lot here.

Inner Sanctum: Could you please tell me a little bit about your plans?

Well, the first thing will be a clip of this event. Please watch it.

Inner Sanctum: What do you advise people who still have not started making content yet?

People often told me to choose something I like and am passionate about. But I think inspiration and passion can develop during the process of doing something seriously.

The first thing we should have is strict discipline, which we should learn every day. We should follow that discipline, have a clear script, and clear content, and find out the best way to transmit it.

We should research this field, and make videos continuously. Then someday, we will find it simple as we gain some small thing every day.

Then we will gain inspiration and love it more.

Just start with discipline and inspiration, passion will come gradually. VNS