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Could Luis be the ex I should get back with?

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KING LUIS: Luis Suarez has never lost his appetite for scoring goals. AFP Photo

Paul Kennedy

I’ve never had the opportunity really to get back with a girlfriend after we have split up. Most, if not all the time, it was me getting dumped and was probably for the best.

Even if one of the too many exes I’ve had did decide to give things another try, then my answer would have to be a resounding no.

It’s an old adage I’ve never had the chance to put to the test, but the unwritten rule is once it’s done, it’s done and you should never get back with a former partner.

I often thought the same can be said for footballers when it comes to returning to a club they had played for in the past.

When an ageing Robbie Fowler returned to Liverpool I was delighted, but by the time he pulled on the red shirt once again, his best days were well and truly behind him.

It was a romantic free transfer that never really benefitted the team.

Another possible returnee being talked about this week is Luis Suarez, who if you believe what you read in English newspapers, and I don’t particularly, could be coming back to Anfield in the summer.

Now all reasonable heads are saying it would be a bad move.

Suarez, amazing though he was with Liverpool, is simply put a very, very loose cannon. Sure, on the pitch he was a monster of a football player who in his prime was really only ever so slightly behind Christiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi as the best in the world.

And yes, he is still banging in the goals at Atletico Madrid, but with genius often comes a tinge of insanity, and that’s exactly the case with the Uruguayan.

There's no need to list his faults, I don’t have the column inches to spare, but it has to be said that despite turning 34 in January, Suarez is showing no signs of slowing down.

His 19 goals in 25 games have helped Atletico to the top of La Liga, leaving both his old club Barcelona and Real Madrid trailing in their wake.

He was seen by Ronald Koeman as surplus to requirements at Nou Camp following six trophy-filled years, and looking at his continued form and goal getting abilities, maybe the Dutchman might feel he acted a little too hastily.

But should Liverpool really take a punt?

There are lots of ifs, buts and maybes involved in the rumour, the main one being if Mohammed Salah decided to leave in the summer, then the door would be open for Luis.

I loved Suarez when he played for Liverpool. I also loved the fact that every other supporter of every other team in the Premier League hated his guts.

Steven Gerrard said it best when asked who the best striker he had ever played with was. The former Liverpool captain admitted it was a tough question, but in the end choose Luis over Fernando Torres.

His reasoning was simple. He said on the pitch Suarez was an animal. A player who had lumps kicked out of him but never seemed to be injured.

I’m sure he still could do a job for Liverpool if they were to make the shock move. And although my initial reaction would be, no, too much trouble, maybe, just maybe, it might not be a bad move. VNS

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