Striker Quyết, key player to help Hà Nội win V.League 1’s first phase

August, 18/2022 - 08:15
Striker and captain Nguyễn Văn Quyết is considered “the soul" of Hà Nội FC in this year’s V.League 1, making a great contribution to help the team win the event’s first phase.
Striker and captain Nguyễn Văn Quyết is considered “the soul" of Hà Nội FC in this year’s V.League 1. — Photo


HÀ NỘI — Striker and captain Nguyễn Văn Quyết is considered “the soul" of Hà Nội FC in this year’s V.League 1, making great contributions to help the team top the league after the first phase.

The capital team showed their strength in the race for the title against strong rivals such as Hoàng Anh Gia Lai (HAGL), Sông Lam Nghệ An, Bình Định and Viettel. In the last match against the mountainous football team HAGL, Hà Nội won 2-1 at Hàng Đẫy Stadium . As a result, Hà Nội maintained a streak of eight consecutive victories, unbeaten at home since the beginning of the season and they are the team that have scored the most goals so far.

However, before the 2022 league starts, few people believed that Hà Nội can play so well because of the loss of important midfielder Nguyễn Quang Hải and change of head coach.

That success of Hà Nội marks the imprint of captain Quyết. In these consecutive victories, Quyết scored three times in key moments, including an effort from distance against Hồng Lĩnh Hà Tĩnh. He also opened the scoring in the match against HAGL.

Quyết’s influence is not only in the goals. The strongest impression is the fact that Quyết plays the role of conductor in the team's play. Many times, journalists and reporters at the stadium have to admire and give praise to the Hanoian striker.

Journalist Việt Cường of Football magazine, author of many famous books on football tactics, said: "Quyết always knows what to do in specific situations. As long as he is present in any area, that place will become the focus of attack.

“Hà Nội’s way of playing has not changed much. The mark of the South Korean coach Chun Jae-ho is also not clear. However, if the team’s half-backs play well to serve as a launching pad for Quyết to develop, this team will play very good."

Hà Nội has had many changes in personnel recently, especially when star midfielder Hải left to play for Pau FC in France.

Technical director of Hà Nội FC, Hoàng Văn Phúc said: "From the beginning of the season until now, Quyết has always played well, not only in recent matches. He is professional both on and off the pitch. Hà Nội need such a captain to overcome arch rivals.”

Head coach of Hồng Lĩnh Hà Tĩnh, Nguyễn Thành Công added: “Every club needs a player like Quyết. He will become solid support for his teammates and can lead young teammates. He himself is also ready to shine and create special moments.”

Compared to many key players who are national players like Đỗ Hùng Dũng, Đỗ Duy Mạnh and Nguyễn Thành Chung, Quyết's influence in the capital team is much greater. In addition to his professional contribution, Quyết is also the necessary link for his team to maintain a generation of young energetic players with experienced seniors. That helps the most successful club in the country still maintain their strength and ability to compete for titles.

Quyết has won the Best Player Award of the match many times. At the age of 31, not many V.League 1 players can play as well as him.

Striker Nguyễn Văn Quyết (right) competes in the V.League 1 this year. — Photo

Waiting for chance in national team

Many domestic football experts go as far as to say Quyết is the best player in the 22-year history of the national premiere league.

Coach Công of Hồng Lĩnh Hà Tĩnh said: “I agree with the opinion that Quyết is the best in V.League 1 history. He's been playing well for many years and is a player for big matches. In any stressful, important and pressured matches, Quyết plays better and better and shows his best qualities."

While Hà Nội’s technical director, Phúc said: “Each person has his own assessment but Quyết deserves to be in the group of the best players in the national top flight league. Over the years, he has always maintained his high level and really shined in some moments. Therefore, Hà Nội team expects him to maintain his form and influence."

When asked about his high performance at the moment, Quyết said: "I have tried to play well and stable for the past 10 years but I'm always thinking of the team. The team’s result is the most important thing. As captain, I try to motivate my teammates to work for the common goal.”

However, Quyết’s excellent performance has not been able to convince coach Park Hang-seo to call him to the Vietnamese team again. The South Korean coach said that the Hà Nội’s player was not suitable for his football philosophy being built for the team. Therefore, the last time Quyết wore the team national team’s jersey was in 2018.

Striker Nguyễn Văn Quyết used to be a key player of the national team but has not won a cap since 2018. — Photo

Quyết has never wanted to say goodbye to football and the national team. Perhaps, with the desire to shine in every match at the age of 31, Quyết's goal of returning to national team may come once more. VNS