Pencak Silat artists begin gold hunt

May 10, 2022 - 23:49

Vietnamese Pencak Silat martial artist Vũ Tiến Dũng began the first competition day in the SEA Games 31 by earning 9.94 points for his men’s seni (artistic) single’s tuggal in North Từ Liêm sporting centre of Hà Nội on Tuesday


Vương Thị Bình in the women's seni single's tunggal in pencak silat of the SEA Games 31. VNS Photo Đoàn Tùng  

HÀ NỘI — Vietnamese Pencak Silat martial artist Vũ Tiến Dũng began the sport's first competition day in the SEA Games 31 by earning 9.94 points in the men’s seni (artistic) single’s tuggal in Bắc Từ Liêm Sporting Centre of Hà Nội on Tuesday.

Malaysia Luqman Laji finished the event with 9.945 points, while Thailand’s Ilyas Sadara earned 9.94 points and Laos’ Chomsy Sayasan on 9.9 points.

Singapore’s Muhammad Iqbal Abdul Rahman Bin made his best performance with 9.96 points, ahead of Indonesian Asep Yuldan Sani, who achieved 9.95 points in the qualifying round.

Brunei’s Muhd Ali Saifullah Abdullah Suhaimi and the Philippines’ Edmar Tacuel Tagube competed in the seni event with 9.935 points and 9.925 points, respectively.

In the women’s division, Indonesia’s Puspa Arum Sari beat Malaysian Nur Syafiqah Hamzah in the women’s single’s tunggal as she took 9.95 points, while the Malaysian got 9.9.

Lao Poukky Salermbubpha did better in the women’s single tunggal with 9.9 points, higher than Singapore’s Siti Nazurah Mohd Yusoff Binte who only gained 9.42.

Filipino Mary Francine Padios Cezar got 9.945 points, while Nurisan Loseng of Thailand only got 9.91.

Vietnamese Vương Thị Bình edged Brunei’s Anisah Najihah Abdullah in the women’s single tunggal qualifiers.


Vietnamese Trần Tiến Danh and Lê Hồng Quân perform the men's seni (artistic) ganda (double) of Pencak Silat in the SEA Games 31. VNS Photo Đoàn Tùng 

Bình earned 9.945 points for her performance, while Anisah Najihah Abdullah got 9.915.

Thailand’s duo Abdul Karim Yusoh and Kharulmahadi Yosoh took 9.925 points for their men’s ganda (double), while Laos’ Alisack Singsouvong and Vanxay Bounnavong earned 9.88 points.

Vietnamese Trần Danh Đức and Lê Hồng Quân got 9.945 points in the event in performance, with Indonesia’s Haidir Agung and Dede Setiadi on 9.895.

Malaysian Sazzlan Yuga and Mohd Taqiyuddin Hamid earned 9.94 points in the performance section, with the Philippines’ Almohaidib Abad Esmael and Alfau Jan Abad finishing with 9.93.                     

Artists continued the semi-final of the men’s and women’s seni regu (team/trio).

Pencak Silat martial artists from regional countries will compete for 16 medal sets including 11 men’s and five women’s events on May 10-16.

Tough opponents Indonesia will also set their golden hopes on Pencak Silat, a sport where they won two golds, three silvers and two bronzes in the previous SEA Games in the Philippines.

Singapore will have eyes on their world champion Iqbal Abdul Rahaman who bagged five gold in the Asian Championship. He will try to win a gold in the SEA Games 31 in Việt Nam to add to his gold medal collection.

Pencak Silat is a tough martial arts competition, particularly among Việt Nam, Malaysia and Indonesia, at the SEA Games organised every two years. VNS