Viet Nam futsal team prepare for World Cup

August 20, 2021 - 09:28

Coach Phạm Minh Giang said his team were doing well in their preparation for the Futsal World Cup in Lithuania in September.


Vietnamese futsal players practise in Hà Nội on August 17. They will leave for a training course in Spain next week before taking part in the September World Cup in Lithuania. Photo courtesy of VFF


HÀ NỘI - Coach Phạm Minh Giang said his team were doing well in preparation for the Futsal World Cup in Lithuania in September.

The team moved to Hà Nội last week and are working hard to improve their physique. At the same time, a coaching board has set up different situations for players to make sure they are ready for whatever happens during the matches.

"Currently, players are catching up with the high pace and speed of training exercises. They are getting better and better every day. We will try to overcome our limitations to get closer to world leading teams at the World Cup finals," said Spanish fitness coach Miguel Ledesma Carrasco.

Players have another week to show their ability before Giang finalises a list of 17 members to travel to Spain for an intensive training course on August 27.

Việt Nam will compete in a four-side tournament on August 28-31 and a friendly match again local club Cordoba on September 3.

They will then move to Lithuania and have a final test against the Morocco national team on September 6.

"We have made careful preparation. Our practice includes pressing, counter-pressing, counter-attacking, and defence when having fewer players. I am really pleased with our plan and players who are doing well," said Giang.

Việt Nam are in a same group as Brazil, Panama and the Czech Republic, with their matches on September 13, 16 and 19, respectively.

"We have researched our rivals. While Brazil and the Czech Republic are at a higher level, Panama are a team vying for a berth in the next round with us. They have taken part in several tournaments recently. We watched them and have suitable plans.

"We have a chance to practise and compete in Spain which is really important for us to sharpen our skills and mentality for the tough championship," Giang said.

Player Trần Văn Vũ is also pleased with his form and preparation.

"My form and the team's are really good. We have nearly reached 100 per cent of what we expect for the World Cup. We all strongly determined for these finals," Vũ said.

"Our target is to reach last-eight like we did in 2016. I believe that if we can compete with our real ability and as well as what we have practised, we will definitely complete our mission." VNS