Only people living in Hà Nội have known, crossing to the road will have a lot of things to see

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Only people living in Hà Nội have known, crossing to the road will have a lot of things to see

October 16, 2018 - 05:00

Only people living in Hà Nội have knowncrossing to the road will have a lot of things to see

Crossing the roads in Hà Nội is like something out of Mad Max — every man for himself and no prisoners taken — so it’s no surprise locals have started arming themselves for their trips to the shops.

On Trường Chinh Road of Thanh Xuân District, an elderly man holding a bicycle was recently seen walking across a crowded street.

He held his bicycle, blew his whistle and waved a cane to get drivers out of his way, which may seem like enough to cross a street with, but he clearly felt it was better to be safe than sorry.

A few steps into his journey, he took out a large, sharp meat cleaver from the basket of his bike and began brandishing it at incoming traffic.

A video of the incident quickly spread across social networks, with most of the thousands of viewers stunned by the man’s actions.

Many people expressed concerns about the danger he put those around him in.

“The method is extremely bold and unique, ensuring no vehicle dares to block the road. However, it is clear that such waving should not be done. You shouldn’t repeat this method,” one Facebook user commented.

Whether you agree or disagree with what this man did, if you’ve ever used the roads in Hà Nội, you’ll partly understand his desire to arm himself to the teeth. — VNS