Air traffic staff dismissed, disciplined for irresponsible behaviour

March 31, 2017 - 12:35
The Cát Bi Air Traffic Control Station. – Photo
Viet Nam News

HẢI PHÒNG –Vietnam Air Traffic Management Corporation is taking strict disciplinary actions against several officials involved in air traffic service disruptions at the Hải Phòng-based Cát Bi International Airport early this month.

The officials were found to be sleeping on duty.

In a report on violations leading to air traffic service disruptions at Cát Bi International Airport sent to the Ministry of Transport, the corporation said it has asked the Standing Committee and the leaders of the Northern Flight Management Company to revise responsibilities of the organisation and individuals involved in the incidents.

All leaders and staff of the Cát Bi Air Traffic Control Station have been given warnings for not fulfilling their tasks.

Specifically, Nguyễn Chí Mạnh, secretariat of the control station, was dismissed for unfinished tasks and lack of determination and supervision. Nguyễn Văn Chanh, a staff member, was dismissed for violating labour discipline, failing to complete duties and leaving the on-duty position without reporting to the officer in charge.

Lương Văn Bình, deputy head of the control station, was given a warning for not displaying responsible behavior during supervision.

The corporation also reprimanded Nguyễn Đức Hiệu, deputy director of the Northern Flight Management Company, for failing to fulfill his assigned task of directing the Cát Bi Air Traffic Control Station.

Nguyễn Tiến Thanh, an employee of the Safety and Security Department of the company, was censured for lack of supervision to ensure safety requirements of the air control station.

Another staffer Lương Minh Thư was moved to another position with lower salary.

Phạm Việt Dũng, head of the corporation, said the corporation had organised online meetings with central and southern air traffic management companies, and all air traffic control stations nation-wide.

The meeting had taken serious note of the incident at Cát Bi airport and was implementing measures to improve safety and quality of service, according to Dũng.

The official said the corporation would continue revising responsibilities of those involved and report to the Ministry of Transport before April 15.

Previously, on March 9, the crew on two flights – one departing for South Korea and the other arriving from HCM City -- could not get in touch with the Cát Bi Air Traffic Control Station for more than half an hour as the main duty air controller working on the night shift was sleeping and the sub-duty controller was absent.

The head of the station and the two air traffic controllers working on the night shifts have been suspended for delaying the two flights. The air traffic control licences of the two controllers were revoked for two months and they were fined VNĐ7.5 million (USS330) each. – VNS