Child suffering from post-vaccination shock off ventilator

April 26, 2024 - 12:15
About 15 minutes after vaccination, the child showed signs of agitation and cyanosis in both legs.
The child is receiving treatment at Bình Dương Provincial General Hospital. — VNA/VNS Photo

BÌNH DƯƠNG — A two-month-old child suffering from severe complications after receiving vaccines in Bình Dương Province is now in a stable condition.

Identified as L.A.N., the baby girl has been fully weaned off the mechanical ventilator and has been regaining consciousness.

She had been given 0.5ml of Infanrix hexa and 2ml of Rotavin at TNT Bến Cát Vaccination Centre in Bến Cát City of Bình Dương Province on Wednesday.

About 15 minutes after vaccination, the child showed signs of agitation and cyanosis in both legs.

She was then administered 1mg/1ml of adrenalin and transferred to the emergency department of Mỹ Phước General Hospital in the city, where she was intubated and received IV therapy.

Due to her worsening conditions, the child was then transferred to Bình Dương Provincial General Hospital for treatment on Wednesday afternoon.

After receiving a report on the case, Bình Dương health department has established an investigation team to look into the child’s health conditions, the vaccine origins, vaccination practices and the infrastructure and human resources of the facility.

Speaking to Sức khỏe & Đời sống (Health & Life), deputy director of Bình Dương health department Dr Huỳnh Minh Chín said that the province counted 178 facilities eligible for vaccination, of which 60 were private.

The department would conduct inspections into on-demand vaccination service providers across the locality in compliance with the regulations of the Ministry of Health, he said.

“If we detect any facility does not meet the requirements and resources to administer vaccines, or violating any health ministry’s vaccination regulation, we will take strict measures according to the rules and suspend its operation if necessary.” — VNS