Đồng Nai Province boosts 'Vietnamese use Vietnamese goods' movement

September 01, 2023 - 10:30
Over the years, Đồng Nai Province has promoted Vietnamese products in order to support the movement of "Vietnamese use Vietnamese goods".


A "Proud Vietnamese Goods" sales point in Đồng Nai Province. –Photo baodongnai.com.vn

ĐỒNG NAI – Over the years, Đồng Nai Province has carried out various activities to promote local products to boost the movement of "Vietnamese use Vietnamese goods".

The province is now implementing a photo contest titled "I believe in using Vietnamese goods" to spread the spirit of using Vietnamese goods in the community.

Active involvement in the "Vietnamese people use Vietnamese goods" campaign is essential for businesses to develop the domestic market and win consumer trust.

Chairman of the provincial Standards and Consumers' Association Phạm Gia Hải said that in recent years, many communication activities about Vietnamese goods have been strongly implemented by local departments, associations and units, focusing on such topics as green consumption trends, consumer tastes in the digital age, to encourage and spread green and sustainable production models  in the province.

According to Ngô Thanh Long, a representative of Anna Dragon Fruit Wine Production Facility in Thống Nhất District, the establishment has regularly promoted product introduction on online platforms, social media and websites. Those activities contribute to bringing local products closer to consumers inside and outside the province.

In addition to the usual forms of promotion on the media, the the photo contest about Vietnamese goods has brought resonance by spreading images that bring Vietnamese goods closer to consumers, the provincial People Committee said.

Đồng Nai Trade Promotion Centre (under the Department of Industry and Trade) is also coordinating with relevant localities to open two more sales points under the name of "Proud Vietnamese Goods" in Long Khánh City and Nhơn Trạch District.

Deputy Director of Đồng Nai Trade Promotion Centre Nguyễn Văn Lĩnh affirmed that these sales points contributed to bringing Vietnamese goods closer to consumers, especially in remote areas in the province.

Up to now, the province has developed 34 "Proud Vietnamese Goods" sales points. – VNS