Police warn against financial investment offers on unverified Telegram channels

March 16, 2023 - 10:43
The Hà Nội’s police have asked citizens to stay vigilant in order not to be lured to make financial investments following the offers of unverified Telegram channels and accounts.


Logo of @Oxfam108 Telegram channel (left) and logo of Oxfam Hong Kong (right). — Photo courtesy of Hà Nội police

HÀ NỘI — Police in Hà Nội have asked citizens to stay vigilant and not be lured into making financial investments following offers from unverified Telegram channels and accounts.

Those channels and accounts have not been verified in terms of their legitimacy in the territory of Việt Nam.

The city’s Cybersecurity and Crime Prevention Department discovered that @Oxfam108 Telegram channel shared charity information of Oxfam Hong Kong based in Việt Nam and images of a charity group called Global Star Oxfam.

To build credibility, @Oxfam108 posted photos featuring individuals who introduced themselves to be part of Global Star Oxfam and joined charity activities at some locations such as the social protection centre No 3 in Tây Mỗ Ward, Nam Từ Liêm District.

The charity programme was recorded and promoted on the @Oxfam108 Telegram channel to gain public trust.

According to the police, the content on the @Oxfam108 Telegram channel does not refer to Oxfam international organisation or Oxfam Vietnam.

@Oxfam108’s logo is different from the logo of Oxfam international.

Oxfam Hong Kong confirmed it has no such activity on the @Oxfam108 Telegram channel.

The @Oxfam108 Telegram channel also introduced SAMEHOME mobile application that acts as a financial investment for group members.

They also uploaded an image of the registration certificate issued to Gream LTD Company.

To build investor confidence, Gream LTD Company was introduced as the host company of the SAMEHOME application at the website www.fincen.gov under the management of the US Department of Finance.

Fincen.gov is an online portal designed to look up data voluntarily declared by the user. It clearly warns: “The inclusion of a business on the Money Services Business Registrant Search Web page is not a recommendation, certification of legitimacy, or endorsement of the business by any government agency.”

The police have warned of potential risks on the user’s device as The SAMEHOME mobile application is of unknown origin, and not published on standard app stores such as CHplay or App store.

SAMEHOME's financial investment activities are not based on the activities of any legal entity in Việt Nam. The police have warned of risks and property damage to investors. — VNS