Quảng Ninh supporting private kindergartens and industrial zone workers' children

December 09, 2022 - 17:12
The province of Quảng Ninh has pledged to allocate more than VNĐ166 billion (US$ 6,39 million) to private kindergartens.


Bãi Cháy kindergarten, built with the support of the Tấm Lòng Vàng charity fund, is a private kindergarten in the Cái Lân industrial zone. — Photo laodong.vn

QUẢNG NINH — The province of Quảng Ninh has pledged to allocate more than VNĐ166 billion (US$6.39 million) to private kindergartens.

Private kindergartens in industrial zones with more than 30 per cent of students who are children of industrial zone workers will receive special policies.

These were detailed in a resolution awaiting to be passed by the Quảng Ninh People's Council. The locality is determined to improve the quality of preschool education across Quảng Ninh by boosting education facilities financially, as well as encouraging the privatisation of education.

Students at any recognised private kindergartens that are children of industrial zone workers are provided VNĐ200,000 (US$8.40) per student monthly. The support duration is in accordance with the actual learning time, but cannot exceed 9 months per year.

Kindergarten teachers working in the area of industrial zones eligible for the plan will be given VNĐ1.5 millon (US$63.01) per person monthly. This subsidy is a bonus between the kindergartens and the teachers, and could not be subject to insurance policies.

Quảng Ninh also pledged to support 100 per cent of social insurance, unemployment benefits and medical insurance for educators currently paying for insurance at private kindergartens.

The support will be in relation to the amount of insurance fee paid by the teachers, and teachers must pay more than the minimum regional wage to be eligible. The support duration is within five years.

To build a modern, better education system, Quảng Ninh also offered better loan interest for investors of new kindergartens that ensure a facility quality of Level 1 or higher according to regulations from the Ministry of Education and Training.

Private kindergartens in industrial zones are provided VNĐ50 million (US$2,100) per kindergarten for the purchase of equipment and toys.

All of these policies will be enacted from January 1, 2023.

According to the Quảng Ninh People's Committee, there are currently 596 kindergarten facilities in the province, with 403 private facilities in the city centre. 22,000 children are currently studying at these kindergartens.

An estimated VNĐ1 trillion (US$42 million) was invested in the kindergarten facilities from private firms and individuals.

2,500 workers and teachers are currently employed in private kindergartens, accounting for 25.4 per cent of the total education-related workers in Quảng Ninh.

An estimated additional 31,000 children will be taught in Quảng Ninh from 2023 to 2030, and this means that the province must quickly promote and develop private kindergartens to catch up with demand. — VNS