Phúc Đồng residents sort waste at source for a better environment

August, 09/2022 - 09:36
Residents of Phúc Đồng Ward in Hà Nội's Long Biên District have been doing their bit to spruce up the area and get rid of trash in a sustainable way.


Residents of Phúc Đồng Ward, Long Biên District clean the streets as part of an environmental action programme. Photo

HÀ NỘI — Residents of Phúc Đồng Ward in Hà Nội's Long Biên District have been doing their bit to spruce up the area and get rid of trash in a sustainable way.

The efforts are part of an action programme titled "For a green - clean - beautiful - civilised Long Biên", which was launched two years ago.

As part of the programme, residents have been taught how to sort domestic waste for recycling. 

One of the residents, Trần Thị Thu Hương, said people have realised the benefits of sorting waste, including improved environmental sanitation and a better living area for all.

The programme has helped her change habits when discarding waste.

“Before that, people used to put all their waste in one bin,” Hương said.

“Over the past two years, we have sorted waste into three bins: biodegradable organic garbage; non-biodegradable garbage and recyclable waste.”

The 50-year-old said: “At first, I was confused about sorting waste at home, but the local women's association sent staff to teach us how to recognise different types of garbage.”

"Now we not only sort the garbage from home, but I know how to make microbial fertiliser from organic waste for our family vegetable garden."

Every month, she also contributes a small amount of money to the environmental protection fund of the local Women's Union from the sale of recyclable waste to scrap collectors.

Hương also visited families to talk about the benefits of sorting waste at source.

The recycling model launched by the Women's Union of Phúc Đồng Ward has received an enthusiastic response.

“I am happy that I have spread awareness of environmental protection to young people," Hương said.

“Early in the morning, I see a lot of garbage bags placed in front of many houses in the alley.”

Hoàng Thị Huệ, deputy chairwoman of the local Women's Union, said union members also tend to flowers on the streets and clean alleys every Saturday morning.

“We send people to dispose of garbage on time and in the right place.”

“At sites where people often throw garbage despite signs being put up, I stood there for a whole week to monitor and remind people," said Huệ.

From May 2021 to July 2022,  the environmental protection fund collected VNĐ13 million.

"The amount is not high, but it is thanks to the daily efforts of nearly 100 members of the Women's Union in sorting and collecting garbage,” said Nguyễn Thị Tuyết Lập, Chairwoman of the Women's Union.

Funds were spent on assisting poor but talented students and visiting sick people, as well as charity activities.

Huệ said the programme was very creative and effective.

“The union members have contributed to making the streets and the environment more clean and beautiful."

"Raising money from garbage collection is a way to improve awareness about recycling and turning waste into materials for production, rather than being buried in landfills."

“It is contributing to economic development and reducing environmental pollution,” Huệ said. — VNS