Ninh Bình invalids that continue giving to their nation after being discharged

July 27, 2022 - 08:00
After leaving the army to return to normal life, invalids and veterans in Ninh Bình Province are still giving to their nation.

Lê Đức Vinh checks machines at the Ninh Hải Commune clean water supply station. — VNA/VNS Photos Hải Yến

NINH BÌNH — After leaving the army to return to normal life, invalids and veterans in Ninh Bình Province are still giving to their nation.

Bringing clean water to residents

Despite being nearly 70 years of age, veteran Lê Đức Vinh can still remember the days he and his comrades fought on the battlefield to protect the Fatherland.

Vinh now is living in Đam Khê Ngoài Village, Ninh Hải Commune, Hoa Lư District.

He volunteered to join the army in 1971.

After fighting in fierce battles in Laos, a year later he was seriously injured and was taken away for long-term treatment.

Due to his severe injuries, he could not continue to fight. He was discharged in 1975 with a loss of 81 per cent of his health.

Returning to his hometown to get married, Vinh faced many difficulties. His wounds were very painful, especially in severe weather.

In 1999, Vinh noticed that Ninh Hải Commune often lacked clean water for daily life. Local people had to use water from drilled wells or rainwater stored in tanks, and the quality wasn't good.

His family had dug a well that was tens of metres deep but still had no water.

Then, the Ninh Bình Agriculture and Rural Development Department allowed Vinh to build a clean water supply station with a capacity of three cubic metres per hour.

He founded the Phú Vinh Construction Investment and Construction Co Ltd, and invested over VNĐ10 billion (US$428,100) in a clean water supply station in Ninh Hải Commune, with an initial capacity of 30cu.m per hour.

The station has provided water for people in Bích Động and Đam Khê Trong villages ever since.

With the increasing demand of local people in the following years, he continued to expand and upgrade the clean water supply station to a capacity of 100cu.m per hour.

It’s enough to supply clean water for all five villages in Ninh Hải Commune.

Constantly expanding his company’s scope of activities, his company has created stable jobs for five regular workers and 25 to 27 seasonal workers, with a salary of VNĐ6 million ($250) per person per month.

Vinh is also an exemplary village head.

During his 10 years as a village head, Vinh always cared for people’s needs and wishes. Along with the local authorities he called for people to participate in the construction of a new rural living style.

In 2020, with a desire to upgrade the Ninh Hải Commune Martyrs Cemetery, Vinh called on sponsors to support the restoration.

Vinh takes care of martyrs’ tombs in the Ninh Hải Commune Martyrs Cemetery.

As a result, organisations and individuals supported VNĐ3 billion ($128,400). Vinh himself also donated VNĐ250 million ($10,700) to renew 90 tombs, pave the ground, and repair many other items at the martyrs' cemetery.

Vinh said: “To complete the work, passion and determination were needed. All hardships and obstacles are a motivation for me. My work is only a small part of building a rich and beautiful homeland. In the future, I will continue to actively participate so that my homeland will be more and more prosperous.”

Creating employment

Wounded soldier Trương Ngọc Thận is another outstanding example.

He lives in Hùng Tiến Commune, Kim Sơn District.

Thận joined the army in 1970, and participated in different battlefields in the Central Highlands, and southeastern provinces.

In 1973 he was injured by a B-52 bomber in Quảng Bình Province. He was discharged from the army in 1977 with a loss of 61 per cent of his health.

Returning to his homeland, with a desire to develop traditional crafts, in 1993, Thận participated in handicrafts production.

At first, only his family joined the work. Later, he employed more workers to expand production.

In 1999, he established the Vina Ngọc Sơn Co Ltd.

His income in the first year was only VNĐ40 million (US$1,700). However, in the year it increased to VNĐ100 million ($4,200) and gradually increased year by year.

Last year, despite the COVID-19 pandemic, his company continued to receive orders. His takings were up to VNĐ80 billion ($3.4 million).

Vina Ngọc Sơn has created stable jobs for nearly 50 workers with an income of VNĐ5-7 million ($210-300) per person per month.

Thận said: “My business is busy, I am still always active in social security work, taking care of my employees’ lives and regularly supporting charity, humanitarian, and patriotic emulation campaigns.”

Every year, the company supports local funds for the poor and for Agent Orange victims.

In the recent COVID-19 pandemic, it donated VNĐ30 million ($1,200) to support poor families facing difficulties.

Trần Tiên Sinh, deputy chairman of the Ninh Bình Veterans Association said that promoting the spirit of "Uncle Hồ's soldiers", in recent years, many invalids and sick soldiers in the province had overcome difficulties and injuries.

They had diligence and creativity in work with will and energy to enrich the family and society, he said.

This year, Vinh and Thận are the two representatives of Ninh Bình Province who will attend a national meeting of people with great contributions to the nation.

They are examples of the economic development campaign.

Vinh and Thận were not only brave and heroic soldiers in combat, but also pioneers in fighting poverty and contributing to socio-economic development in the province. They are shining examples for the younger generations to follow. — VNS