Summer classes welcome students of all grades

July 18, 2022 - 09:03
Children nowadays are encouraged by their parents to participate in extracurricular summer classes rather than math, physics or chemistry.

Multiple activities are available for students to participate this summer. — Photo

HCM CITY — Children nowadays are encouraged by their parents to participate in extracurricular summer classes rather than math, physics or chemistry.

It has become more common for students to join extracurricular clubs during the summer.

The summer programme of Nguyễn Du Secondary School in District 1 starts from July 11 and lasts for six weeks with various activities including book clubs, sports clubs, English clubs and others.

Nguyễn Đoan Trang, principal of the school, emphasised the importance of the summer programme in creating a playground and healthy environment for students to practise their social and creative skills while forming habits of autonomy and self-study.

Activities of the clubs are intertwined with different themes each week.

While the English club organises activities with an emphasis on communication skills, baking experiences or city tour experiences, the science club is a place to practise making safe drinks and preparing food, as well as folding and ironing clothes.

At the primary level, Trần Hưng Đạo Primary School in District 1 hosts six weeks of activities from Adventure Science, Child Programmers, Books and Friends or Photography clubs.

According to Trần Quốc Long Xuyên who is in charge of the summer programme of Trần Hưng Đạo Primary School, fun and healthy activities for students provide realistic solutions for working parents.

They will have "bright summer days", and rest and relax in a safe and educational environment via the programme, he added.

Many private and independent schools in Hà Nội have also created summer activities for students.

Specifically, students of Marie Curie School (MCers) will be able to engage in swimming, basketball lessons and music classes.

Besides those classes, they will be trained for essential life skills such as self-care, emotion management, time management, communication skills, defence and survival skills.

Participating in summer activities, MCers also have the opportunity to practise English skills through lessons with foreign teachers and interactions with new friends from other classes.

Nguyễn Dung, the school's physical education teacher, said that students will study four periods a week, then take an exam and get a swimming certificate issued by the school. They can participate in sports tournaments to compete and take prizes home.

On-campus summer camp

Between July 4 and 15, Xanh Tuệ Đức School in Hà Nội hosts the "Mature Summer" programme with many educational activities outside of books.

For students participating in boarding summer camps, they will be able to stay at school the entire time and experience independent living.

Self-responsibility will be improved via activities such as, folding blankets, drying clothes, cleaning their own rooms, going to the market by themselves and cooking by themselves, among others.

Nowadays, popular forms of summer camps, such as English summer camps, music summer camps, art summer camps, sports summer camps and military summer camps which are hosted by trustworthy organisations, can easily be found on the Internet.

Locals only need to type "summer classes 2022" on Google and there will be millions of results with all categories of summer camps, summer classes from home to abroad, from part-time to full-time, from a few days to every month.

The main content of summer camps is aimed at fostering and practising life skills. — VNS