Transport inspectors help cut down road accidents

March 20, 2021 - 07:56
Lâm Văn Hoàng, Chief Inspector from the Ministry of Transport, talks to the Quân Đội Nhân Dân (People’s Army) on efforts that his ministry has done in the year 2020 to bring down the number of road transport accidents nation wide


Lâm Văn Hoàng, Chief Inspector from the Ministry of Transpor

Lâm Văn Hoàng, Chief Inspector from the Ministry of Transport, talks to Quân Đội Nhân Dân (People’s Army) newspaper on the efforts of his ministry in the year 2020 to reduce the number of road accidents

Can you share with us some of the gains in applying active inspections in the task of transport inspections?

Regular checks and inspections are very important tasks in State management of transport activities. Through such missions, we are able to detect any weakness in both legal documents and weaknesses in implementing them in real life. In addition, such missions will help us raise the efficiency and effectiveness of State management activities to protect the interest of the State and the legal rights as well as the benefits of other organisations and individuals.

We, transport inspectors, have vowed to do our best to make sure the tasks of State management assigned to the transport sector will be accomplished at their best.

Can you share with us what areas transport inspectors will focus on the most in the near future?

We’ll launch comprehensive checks in all aspects, particularly inspection missions to projects which have the potential for fraud. Of course, a key objective for these missions is to prevent any wrongdoing which is likely to happen.  

Following our inspection visits, we’ll develop supervisory activities and appraise the reports submitted by the inspection team and follow closely the implementation of the inspectors’ recommendations.

Last but not least, inspectors from the MOT have created a hotline to receive reports or complaints from the general public on any wrongdoing on the side of transport inspectors and others. We hope the feedback from the hotline will help us improve our performance.

Will you please share with us some key tasks assigned to transport inspectors in 2021?

Regarding inspections for 2021, the Ministry of Transport will focus on certain activities.

These activities include the management of construction investment, maintaining the transport infrastructure of land routes, maritime routes, inland waterways, management activities, financial management and others.

Of course, we’ll also develop plans on conducting regular road checks to make sure drivers comply well with the transport law when they are on the roads, on the waterways and elsewhere.

Last but not least, we have held high the task of preventing corruption or embezzlement. VNS


In 2020, the number of transport accidents fell by 16.2 per cent compared to 2019 while the number of injured people also dropped by 18.14 and fatalities by 11.33 per cent.

Also in the year 2020, the MOT launched three major road inspection campaigns and almost 8,200 car drivers were fined a total sum of VNĐ42.3 billion (US$1.89 million). VNS