EasyPrint Technologies Helps Companies Get Corporate Gifts Faster with Real-time Design Tool and Instant Price Check

July 07, 2021 - 04:48
EasyPrint Technologies Helps Companies Get Corporate Gifts Faster with Real-time Design Tool and Instant Price Check

SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - 8 July 2021 - EasyPrint Technologies ("EasyPrint"), a fast-growing supplier for corporate gifts in singapore, promises to help companies get their corporate gifts faster and more conveniently, with the introduction of a real-time design tool and instant price check on its newly revamped website, eliminating the labourious and time-consuming process that is typical of corporate gift procurement.

Most companies engaged in corporate gifting activities are too familiar with the dreaded practice of sending an enquiry to a gift supplier asking for a quotation, followed by a series of back and forth emails to clarify the specifications of the order and accuracy of the design artwork that is to be imprinted onto the gift item.

The conventional approach to business gift procurement takes up too much time and creates unnecessary administrative work for the purchasers. And EasyPrint is determined to change that.

A young upstart but no stranger to the corporate gifting industry, EasyPrint has since its inception in 2018 been constantly developing new capabilities to deliver a better gift procurement experience to its clients, counting among them major international brands, established corporations, as well as Singapore government agencies, educational institutions and local businesses alike.

Despite being a relatively new entrant to the industry, EasyPrint has quickly earned a reputation for itself, in particular as the go-to supplier for popular corporate gifts such as lanyard, tote bag printing and customised notebook in Singapore, as well as pandemic related accessories such as face shield and mask holder.

With the new real-time design tool and instant price check capabilities, EasyPrint is making it even easier and faster for companies to order their gift items, all directly on its new website.

Real-time design tool

Clients can now create the desired artwork for their gift items directly on EasyPrint's website with the help of its new web-based, real-time design tool. Gone are the days where purchasers had to send their logo files and other design elements to the gift supplier and then wait for a mockup of how it appears on the gift item, and then bounce back and forth between iterations of changes.

Now, clients can directly preview how their designs will look like on the gift items in real-time and can make changes or adjustments to their hearts' desire before confirming the design and order, totally eliminating the to and fro communication that used to accompany it.

Instant price check

Beyond design freedom and flexibility, EasyPrint now gives business gift buyers the convenience of checking prices in real-time with its new instant price check capability. No longer would buyers need to wait for days to get a quotation on their gift items that they're interested in.

Whenever site visitors choose a gift item and selects the available options, such as print method, finishing or order quantity, pricing formation for the gift is dynamically pulled from the central database and displayed instantaneously, thereby allowing the buyers to make a quick procurement decision.

A procurement experience that endears clients

Select clients privy to this new way of ordering their customised gifts from the system's soft launch earlier this year are already enjoying the convenience and snappiness that they're getting out of it.

"With just a few clicks, we can get price information on the gift items that we are interested in, without having to wait. We also like the fact that we can customise the design directly online to the exact way we want it, rather than bouncing back and forth with the designer", described Red Forklifts Pte Ltd, a forklift rental company in Singapore that are among the businesses that got to try out the new real-time design tool.

Making corporate gift buying seamless

At the heart of developing and introducing such new capabilities is a mission to redefine the gift procurement experience for businesses. "We strongly believe that with the smart use of digital technology and automated processes, companies and organisations can enjoy a much smoother, seamless and hassle-free gift buying experience that supports their marketing agenda, and we're committed to creating the environment to support and deliver that to all corporate gift buyers", explained Mr. Darren Choong, Manager of EasyPrint.

Even as most marketing activities go online in recent years, business gifting remains one of the few physical forms of marketing that continues to hold a firm place in today's digitised world. Moreover, at a time when a global pandemic severely restricts our abilities to connect with one another, physical corporate gifting takes on a bigger significance and is poised to play an even greater role in helping brands and companies stay connected with their customers and stakeholders.

EasyPrint firmly believes that nothing can replace the experience of receiving a well-thought gift from the people one does business with, and advocates corporate gifting as an effective and meaningful way of cultivating long-lasting business relationships.

Visit EasyPrint's new website and try out the real-time design tool and instant price check at https://easyprintsg.com/.

About EasyPrint Technologies

Founded in 2018, EasyPrint Technologies is one of the fastest growing corporate gift suppliers in Singapore, counting top global and regional brands, as well as local established corporations and public institutions such as government agencies and universities among the clients it regularly serves.

Always striving to be at the forefront of the industry, EasyPrint is steadfast in its mission to create the ultimate gift procurement experience, helping businesses "get corporate gifts the easy way".

For more information on EasyPrint Technologies, visit https://easyprintsg.com/.

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