PNL Training Centre Implements Online Training Courses

January 28, 2021 - 11:03
PNL Training Centre Implements Online Training Courses

HONG KONGSAR - Media OutReach -28 January 2021 - Due to the impact of the Covid-19, PNL Training Centredecided to implement "Online Corporate TrainingCourses" through Zoom, including a series of onlineteam-building training activities and game workshops. For instance, LegoSerious Play, MBTI Workplace Leadership and DISC Personality Analysis. Thereare also online workshops to relieve stress, such as handmade candles, laughteryoga, and sand painting. It wouldbe a nice option to improve the ability of staff and relieve their stressthrough these workshops!


PNL Training Centre is an experienced corporate training company.It has been cooperating with the PNL New Sports Association toorganize team-building activities for new sports, such as Floor Ball, Dodgebee, and Yukigassen. At thesame time, it has been working with PNL Education Centre to hold new art workshopslike PastelNagomi Art and Zentangle.


Mr. Osman, Wong Chau Nam, the founder of PNL TrainingCentre, said: "The Covid-19 has been raging for more than a year. Long-termwork at home reduces the communication between employees. Hence, it has anadverse impact on the teamwork spirit and company's internal operations. Meanwhile,the lack of group discussion limits the creative thinking. Employees are alsounder great pressure. Therefore, regular online team training is actuallynecessary. I found that there are many companies are looking for the suitableonline training courses, so we are going to design a new series of onlinecourses to meet their needs!"