COMING SOON: True Colors Film Festival 2020 - About "One World, One Family"

November 19, 2020 - 06:11
COMING SOON: True Colors Film Festival 2020 - About "One World, One Family"

SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - 19 November 2020 - True Colors Film Festival (TCFF) runs online from 3 to 12December 2020. Offering 30 award-winning features and short films from 15countries including Myanmar, it is presented by The Nippon Foundation. All thefilms -- about shared human experiences such as connection, hope, dreams, andtransformation -- can be streamed for free. 


Rediscovered and restoredfilms 


The Chess Game of theWind (1976;Iran), screened only twice in '76 and presumed lost after the 1979 Iranianrevolution, it was accidentally discovered in a junk shop in 2014 by thechildren of filmmaker Mohammed Reza Aslani. Still banned in Iran, it wassmuggled into Paris, where restoration work was overseen by Martin Scorsese'snon-profit organization, The Film Foundation's World Cinema Project. A familytale about a paraplegic heiress and predatory men.


Moral (1982; Philippines) is by MarilouDíaz-Abaya, known for her ability to spotlight socio-political issues from afeminist perspective. Restored by ABS-CBN in 2017 as part of a project todigitally remaster select Filipino films, Moralis about four women dealing with issues like rape, abortion and sexual freedomin a patriarchal society.


Award-winning films


Listen(2020;Portugal/United Kingdom), Portugal's Oscar Entry for Best International Filmand winner of seven awards at the Venice Film Festival 2020. Migrant struggles,judgments and best intentions gone wrong.


Mental (2008; Japan/United States),winner of Best Documentary, Busan International Film Festival, and OfficialSelection: Berlin International Film Festival. The complex world of a mentalhealth clinic in Japan and the lives of its patients and staff.


Darkness and Light (1999; Taiwan), multiple awards including Tokyo Grand Prix, Tokyo Film Festival 1999, Best Original Screenplay and Best Editing, Golden Horse Film Festival 1999. A tale of love and blindness. 

TCFF's launch date -- 3 December -- coincides with International Day of Personswith Disability. In acknowledgement of the more than 1 billion people in theworld living with disability, TCFF also presents a selection of themedfilms: 37 Seconds (2019; Japan), about a young comic book artist withcerebral palsy, and how she navigates disability while building a career in theadult manga industry; A Long Journey for the First Steps(2017; Slovenia), the experiences of Palestinian child victims of war in Gazaand their rehabilitation; Elsewhere (2015; Italy), thethoughts of a person with Down Syndrome; Over the Horizon (2017; Russia), ablind photographer and traveler who shares his world with sighted people; StandBy Me (2020; Singapore), 46 artists around the world performing astirring rendition of the Ben E. King hit at the height of the global Covid-19 pandemic;and TheSoul of Sophanna's Song (2017; Cambodia), one man's will to live andserve against incredible odds.


Streaming TCFF

Featurefilms can be streamed via The ProjectorPlus -- sign up for free. Features are availableto viewers in most Asia-Pacific countries.


Stream theShort films on True Colors Film Festivalon Vimeo.


Additionalrestrictions apply, visit Country Exclusions.