Healthcare Professionals Top Credibility Score in APAC: Herbalife Nutrition Survey

October 22, 2020 - 02:30
Healthcare Professionals Top Credibility Score in APAC: Herbalife Nutrition Survey

  • Close to 75% APAC consumers considerhealthcare professionals as the most credible source of providing nutrition advice

HONG KONG, CHINA - Media OutReach - 22October 2020 - Premierglobal nutrition company, HerbalifeNutrition, has released thesecond part of its Asia Pacific Nutrition Myths Survey 2020, revealing that healthcareprofessionals are the most trusted source of nutrition information providers amidstconsumers who rely on such advice to achieve desired health outcomes. Thesurvey was conducted with 5,500 consumers and 250 healthcare professionals (HCPs) fromAustralia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines,Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam in March 2020.

Talking about this initiative, DrKent Bradley, M.D., MBA, MPH - Chief Health and Nutrition Officer, HerbalifeNutrition said, "We strongly believe in collaborating with nutrition experts onnutrition education for the public via platforms like the Herbalife Nutrition AsiaPacific Wellness Tour, sharing and exchanging science-backed nutritionalknowledge through industry forums and talks, and supporting othernutrition-related  initiatives in thecommunity. By way of this survey, we were able to identify the prevalentnutrition myths in the region, which are useful insights for HCPs when it comesto providing better nutrition advice to their patients."   

The survey also identifies an immense gap in needswith 65% consumers interested in receiving nutritioninformation from their healthcare professionals and only 31% of consumersreceiving the advice. In addition, only 32% consumers proactively ask fornutrition advice from their HCPs.

The main reasons these consumers shy awayfrom seeking nutrition advice from a healthcare professional are the lack oftime and lack of familiarity in asking for nutrition advice as, it'snot deemed a common practice. But there is a consensus by a vast majority ofthese consumers, on the need for proactive engagement from their HCPs insharing nutritional advice with them.  

Another interestinginsight from the survey is that both consumers and HCPs consider nutrition companies asthe second most trusted source of nutrition information. With limited time in their hands to provide nutritionand health advice to their patients, there was a clear indication (close to80%) that HCPs call for nutrition companies to play a larger role indisseminating nutritional knowledge to the public by collaborating morestrongly with the HCPs.

Talking about thisgap and how it can be filled, Dr Ben Ng, Consultant Endocrinologist at ArdenEndocrinology Clinic, Mount Elizabeth Novena said, "One of the mostinsightful findings of this survey is thehuge need and want from consumers for nutrition knowledge. Their trust in usonly strengthens the role that we as healthcare professionals should beplaying. Nutrition companies also have an important role to play in empowering healthcareprofessionals to impart nutritional knowledge, especially in times such as these,where taking care of personal health has become critical."

In the coming months, Herbalife Nutrition will beintensifying its collaboration initiatives with the HCP community through aseries of multi-platform, public nutrition education and healthy lifestyleactivities. The company will also be working closely with other keystakeholders and local partners to provide more accurate, timely and relevantnutrition information to communities across the region.

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